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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Episode 9 for 2009!
For the last episode for the 2009 Halloween season, learn how to make one of the very first spooky recipes in the Eerie Elegance repertoire - the Haunted Human Heart that bleeds tasty raspberry syrup! That's it for 2009, and I only realized while editing that brings me up to lucky spooky number THIRTEEN podcasts total since I started! How perfect is that? ;)

You can watch the entire episode from EerieElegance.com, it's split into part 1 & part 2 on YouTube, and on iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series. You can join my over 220 Eerie Elegance Facebook fans if you like, and the Eerie Elegance Agonizing Accessories store on Zazzle.com is open for business. Book sales are still going strong...still no day since August with zero sales!

Eerie Elegance - Haunted Human Heart

My party this past weekend was a grand success with over 50 guests who had a blast, and I'm still writing up my party post-mortem & organizing photos, so that will come later this week...but tonight is my first chance at a relaxing evening, so I'm going to take advantage to rest in my eerily elegant decor & maybe convince a kitty or two to cuddle, since I haven't really sat down much all weekend!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!

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I just watched the Human Heart (series)! Loved them! I purchased Eerie Elegance last year(?) or year before but really enjoyed watching the "live" presentation. I was searching for the Mojitoes on the podcasts but was unable to locate...did you do one? I plan on watching all the podcasts as time allows. So very impressed with all of your work; good luck to you! And...THANKS! Vivian Schile

Glad you like the podcasts, Vivian! No, the Mojitoes have not been filmed yet, and that recipe needs a bit more fine-tuning to be completely reliable. Maybe next year? :) Happy Halloween!

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