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Trek Weekend!

This past weekend was Trek Weekend! The Blu-ray of the new Star Trek movie was released on Tuesday, and the Tech Museum in San Jose has the only Northern California stop of the traveling Star Trek exhibit, so we decided to make a weekend of it! Glen hosted the Blu-ray viewing in his fancy home theatre Friday night, then Saturday 12 of us got a group discount to go together to the Tech. I offered costumes from my seemingly-endless supply, and several took me up on my offer! Only one uniform shirt in our group was NOT made by me...haha! I even made Commbadge Chocolates that I remembered on Friday but totally forgot to bring Saturday...doh! They were 60% dark Ghirardelli with smoked paprika in custom molds I made for the Trek Mystery party back in 2002, then handpainted with silver & gold luster dust.

Custom Commbadge Chocolates and Blu-ray fancy home theatre!

The Trek exhibit itself was very cool, but several items were from the now-closed Vegas exhibit at Star Trek Experience that I'd seen 3 times over the years, and all the verbage I pretty much already knew just because I've been that big a fan for so long. For those who never were able to get to Vegas it was even better! It was very cool to walk through the Enterprise-D hallway with the original Engineering cutaway with the hidden duck & Porsche that I pointed out to everyone. :) One especially noteworthy item was Uhura's original red miniskirt uniform, which was NOT in Vegas. I know because I fought hard with that asymmetrical pattern, but the Vegas one was a much simpler design with a waist seam, so I was sorely disappointed! This time I finally saw the original up close, WHILE I was wearing the same...boy I wish I could have gotten a photo standing next to it! Ah well...

They would not let us take our own photos inside the exhibit, but they did have cameras set up to sell you photos. Argh! Well, it was worth it after all, even to the tune of $69, since the photos made me laugh so hard! I scanned them for everyone & put them all in Gallery, but these below are my favorites! The bridge was first, and since we were early enough there weren't large crowds, so we hogged the bridge for quite awhile getting everyone in the captain's chair , then moved through the exhibit to the NextGen transporter pad. There they had a TV monitor so you could see your pose, so we had fun trying to be transported in action...and we even collected a crowd watching us pose! haha...

More exhibits of costumes, props & models, including the actual model of the Enterprise-D used for filming from seasons 4-7, one of the most photographed models ever, and insured for $1 million! Then the next large room had the life-size GUARDIAN OF FOREVER giant stone donut time awesome! But no photographer in there...what?!? The display just said "no high heels" so obviously was meant to be interactive. I went back & asked the transporter photographer if we could get any photos at the Guardian of Forever, and he said the bridge photographer could if he wasn't busy. I went upstream again through a lot more people this time, but luckily the bridge photographer was free so he came with the crowds parted for me...I laughed & said "Yes, official Starfleet business, move aside!" ;) We got a couple great shots there, one that looks like it could have come out of an episode...haha!

The last large room had a reworked history timeline mostly from the Vegas exhibit but with changes, including the new movie, and there were even costumes from the new movie. There were two simulator rides each at separate cost ($5 & $6), one for 2 people that went upside-down several times but an hour wait in line, and a 15-person "shuttlecraft" with almost no line. Ruth had the guts to do the "higher-G" 2-person simulator with me, so she was nice enough to stand in line while I played hostess trying to give status & say goodbye to everyone, since some people just wanted to leave. The shuttlecraft broke just as we were going to get on, so that gave us time to look at our photos. It was hilarious, since we turned around & when no one was in line for purchasing photos, all the screens had different photos of US! hahaha...nice to be screensavers! By the time the shuttlecraft was working, we got on, then right when I got off that one, Ruth was next in line for the other one! Glad it was that order, since the shuttlecraft was pretty gentle...and the totally enclosed pod that went upside-down with higher-Gs was a blast! Ruth was Dr Crusher & she lost her wig from flying around upside-down! We were laughing so hard our friends standing 10 feet away outside said they could hear us! Hey, might as well enjoy it!

I browsed the gift shop but didn't buy anything for myself - with the Internet now, gone are the old days when you could only buy Trek stuff at conventions or specialty stores! Others were already waiting in the cafeteria, where we found a fun Bones who had to take photos with us, so I let her use my other communicator...hilarious!

Oh, and one last photo from the little gift shop...not that my crush on Spock has ever really waned, but I think it has definitely been re-energized with Zach Quinto! heehee... ;)

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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