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Detours off Britta Blvd


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December already?
As of yesterday, it has officially been 4 years since I owned my house...wow! Time flies, and I've done a lot of improvements in just 4 years, but that will be a separate post in January when I plan for next year's projects... :)

This Sunday December 13th will be the 4th anniversary of walking into Brittahytta as owner for the first time, so why not celebrate with a Holiday Happy Hour? I'm expecting around 50 people anytime after 5pm, so hopefully we'll all have a lot of festive fun!

I'm sure I'll be running around crazily at the last minute as usual for any of my parties, but I'm in a fairly decent prep position at the moment:

outside decorations done except for front door wreath
inside decorations almost done - just final touches left
4 dozen sandbakkels are made, a little more dough left to make maybe 1 dozen more
14 dozen intricate sugar cookie snowflakes baked, need to decorate
chocolate covered toffee made
double-batch of fudge made to cut into squares
10 dozen krumkake made - took 6 hrs standing at the stove - ugh!
pepperkakor (gingerbread) dough chilled in fridge - should make 5 dozen tonight I hope

The party menu (subject to change)

spiced cider on stove
mulled wine on stove (in crockpot on patio? if I can borrow one)
cranberry juice punch (non-alcoholic)
lemonade in jar (non-alcoholic)
full bar on patio
bottled water

cranberry chicken skewers
smoked sturgeon sandwiches
Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves
homemade pickled salmon
cheese & crackers
pastry brie with spiced loquat preserves
party swirls (in freezer)
crab puffs (in freezer)
manchego w quince preserves
rolls for mini sandwiches? ham & swiss

chocolate covered toffee
sugar cookie snowflakes
rosettes? if time on Saturday?
sugarplums? as a vegan/gluten-free option? not sure yet

This is the first holiday party I've hosted that has NOT been after performing in a concert...what a concept! ;)