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Holiday Happy Hour

Well, my best laid plans were thwarted a bit last Thursday...on my drive home the Briata freaked out with the check engine light coming on, then after atrociously long lines at the grocery store, I came home to a dripping leak in my bathroom skylight! No time for any food prep Thursday night after all that chaos, just enough picking up & final decorating so the housecleaners could clean for me on Friday, as I was face painting at my company party that afternoon, then going straight to Margarita Friday, even though traffic was so awful I didn't get there until everyone else was already finished with dinner...oh well!

Even though I had checked all the other skylights Thursday night, when I got home Friday night there was a new leak in the hall bathroom skylight, after I had already been up on the roof with plastic sheeting & bricks for the other Saturday morning during another quick break in the rain I got up again with more plastic & bricks. Thank goodness my temporary measures are working well, then when everything dries out at least a week or more, I have exterior roofing caulk I just bought to seal those leaks from the roof side. I guess my house heard me & is coming up with a project list on its own!

The only changes to the party menu were my own version of sugarplums in place of the pepperkakor I didn't make, and the snowflake cookies ended up as "decorate your own" activity since I ran out of time to decorate those. That was actually pretty fun, with several people decorating snowflakes, so I think I will plan for that better next year. :) Yet another year there was plenty of food so I didn't even bother heating up the crab puffs. They used to be ubiquitous, but now I think it's been a couple years since I've had any at any of my parties...amazing!

The actual party menu

spiced cider on stove - sucked down 2 whole gallons plus a little more!
mulled wine on stove - went through 3 full bottles of wine!
cranberry juice punch with snowflake ice cubes (non-alcoholic)
lemonade in jar (non-alcoholic)
Brittahytta Brewery fresh homebrew hard cider
full bar on patio

cranberry chicken skewers - these were a hit!
smoked sturgeon sandwiches
Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves
homemade pickled salmon
cheese & crackers
snowflake pastry brie with Brittahytta Bounty spiced loquat preserves
party swirls
manchego with Brittahytta Bounty quince preserves
ham & swiss mini sandwiches

chocolate covered toffee
sugar cookie snowflakes
sugarplums (almonds, dried plums, apricots, apples, honey, allspice, cardamom & cinnamon)

Partying people at festive Brittahytta

All my Christmas season photos so far are here in Gallery if you'd like to see more, especially decorations.

The first guests arrived about 5:30pm, the majority left around 9 or 10, then the last group finally left around midnight...and here I thought people might leave earlier because it was Sunday night! I think I've counted about 42 people throughout the evening, not including babes in arms. Everyone liked my decorations, loved the new kitchen & flooring, loved the food, and I heard "We know it's a real party now, since we have something broken, something spilled, and someone asleep on the couch"...haha!

This weekend is annual caroling with Cibo Cantabimus, then I'm on 2 weeks vacation from work with only a drive to my parents on the schedule, no major trips up north this year...and my new 60" plasma HDTV gets delivered on Monday...woohoo!
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