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New Year's Rockin' Eve 2009

To usher in the new decade I finally went hi-def, including a 60" plasma Pioneer Kuro HDTV, new HDMI 7.1 surround sound receiver, new HD service with DirecTV DVR (horrible UI, just until the new DirecTivo sometime later this year!), and a PS3 Slim as not only my Blu-ray player but to play Beatles Rock Band! Yes, I splurged on Rock Band 2 for game & instruments, plus the Beatles game to do triple fab harmonies! This was mainly an idea for the summer as pre-movie night entertainment in the backyard, but I have a feeling it will be used plenty even before then! ;)

New TV install just before Christmas with first Beatles Rock Band!

I bought the TV from online when it finally went on sale for Black Friday, but due to my own party & crazy caroling weekend schedule, it made the most sense to be delivered Dec 21st on my first day of vacation. I invited people over that night to help setup & play the first Beatles Rock Band, since even though I installed the articulating wall mount to the wall studs myself in advance, the delivery guys refused to help me put it on the mount when they finally showed up at 5:30pm. Thankfully Glen & John R were already on their way over so they did the main mount setup on the TV as others trickled in just in time for the TV to get up into place around 7:30pm. Then it took a village to setup the TV & accessories! Glen, John R, Kevin C, Ben, Jen & John all helped set up various items according to their expertise, so I'm very glad they all came! Jen has Beatles Rock Band on XBox so she knows her way around the game & brought her 2nd microphone, and it worked great, so Ben & I nailed all sorts of Beatles harmonies, while others played guitar or drums, for at least an hour! It was a LOT of fun, so fun that it wasn't until most people left I thought about getting a photo of me playing in front of my new TV!

Beatles Rock Band at Christmas...even got my DAD to sing! :D

Since my whole family loves the Beatles and it was just us for Christmas this year, I figured we could trying playing all together so I brought my PS3 & all the stuff with me. I did get everyone to play at one point, just no more than 3 at once...but not only did my non-musical dad try guitar a couple times, but he started singing Twist & Shout, so I quickly gave him a mic! Awesome! The only drawback was that I totally forgot the entire drum set at my parents' house when I left...argh! I'll get it the end of January when I visit again...but I did get a pretty aqua Fender bass controller for Christmas from Grandma. I keep laughing because I own a real Fender Strat guitar AND a real Fender Precision bass, but I have to have fake ones to play the game!

New Year's Rockin' Eve 2009!

Cyd had to work early New Years Day so I promised her we would toast at East Coast midnight (9pm local) so she could get home early. Just in case other friends didn't have plans, late on the 29th I sent an evite for a low-key casual Rock Band New Years...and ended up with 13 guests! I put all the Christmas decorations away & went with teal to usher in the new decade. :)

I had gotten back from Christmas with my family to an email from Kevin C, already so addicted to Beatles Rock Band from his one evening playing at my house that he was quizzing me what to buy where! He bought everything that day on Amazon, so he had it by the 30th, and already had played more than me by New Years Eve! Since my guitar had a flaky strum key & I had forgotten my drums at my parents' house, Kevin brought his guitar, drums & mic, so we had THREE mics for all 3 harmony parts! We got TONS of "Triple Fabs" which is when all 3 mics hit 100% the whole phrase!

Of course with that large a group, not everyone could play at the same time, so that gave the others some time to nibble & chat. When West Coast midnight was approaching, we had to stop them from starting another song so we could toast...I couldn't get the TV to switch to channels quickly enough, so we just used our iPhones for the countdown, toasted, then it was "GET ROCK BAND BACK ON THE SCREEN!" haha...Our early girl Cyd didn't leave until around 2am, only getting a 90 minute nap before working all day, but she said it was totally worth it! Others started trickling out around then, but a core group of Jeff, Audene, Kevin, Ken & Rob stayed with me, moving to normal Rock Band around 4am, then I think around 5:30 we stopped playing...I finally got to bed after 7am...that's the latest I've stayed up for New Years in 5 years! :)

Early on in the evening, before about half the others even arrived, I climbed carefully behind the new TV to take this video with my little camera, but it was the only video I took since we were all having way too much fun. Forgive the quality since this was just my little point & shoot camera, not a real camcorder or anything, but it's still funny. :)

Thanks to Rob for grabbing my camera every so often to help me document the fun evening! The whole album is in Gallery here for anyone who'd like to see more of the crazy fun. The replacement guitar arrived this past week, and I'm shopping for best pricing on 2 extra mics so I don't have to borrow anymore for Triple Fabs, and I'll get my drum set back by February 1st. Now people are saying either they must stay away from my house or they'll be sucked in to the Brittahytta Beatles Rock Band vortex, or they are already vying for "playstation-sitting" responsibilities during my next big trip!

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far!
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