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Mardi Gras Madness is underway!

My annual Mardi Gras party is 4 days away! I'm not quite as enthused this year since it's the perfect storm of Presidents Day holiday weekend, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year AND Mardi Gras all the same weekend, so most likely only about 15 people are coming, but I'm sure we'll still have plenty of fun. I've decided to do an easy costume this time, using tricolor costume bits I've gathered over the years to be a sparkly Mardi Gras Girl. I decorated my mask Sunday evening with some giant plastic jewels to go with the sparkly necklace I had. Most of the decorations are in place, but beads still need to be draped everywhere plus food tables set up, and the housecleaners are scheduled for Friday so everything will be nice & clean. Friends have volunteered to make the King Cake this time, so that's a long project for Friday evening off my plate!

I think we'll have plenty to's what's already done:

double-batch crab puffs in freezer
10 dozen spinach balls in freezer
5 dozen tricolor scrolls in freezer
2.5 dozen creole chicken skewers prebaked in freezer
40 life-size edible mask cookies baked, ready for decorating

Add those to the shrimp mold, pastry brie, sliced cheese & crackers, fruit & veggies, plus the King Cake coming, and we have a decent spread! Since there's always so much punch leftover even for the larger parties, I've decided to forgo the punch this year & only have hurricanes plus the full bar. There is one more edible experiment I'm hoping to figure out, but that will remain a surprise. :)

Decorate your own edible mask was such a hit last year that I'm only going to decorate 10 as examples, leaving the rest with white basecoat icing, and more table space so more people can decorate at once. I bought reusable plastic candy/icing mini-squeeze bottles with tip covers so no one will have to wait for icing, I have extra decorating sprays in hopes we won't run out, and I'll get out my fun confetti sprinkles this time too. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity this year!

Bejeweled & Bling

Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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