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Snow White and the Seventh Birthday

Earlier I had mentioned all the stuff I had to do this weekend...most of it got done (still have to edit the 90th birthday DVD, but I have until the 10th), but the major event for me was the Snow White birthday party. I am VERY proud of this cake! :D

It took me a full hour Tuesday night to make the mirror out of gum paste. I let it dry until packing Wednesday night, then packed it very carefully in tissue for the drive. On Thursday night after the big Thanksgiving feast, I spent from midnight until 2:30am painstakingly painting it with food coloring pens (my favorite new gadget!) and a fine watercolor brush. I wasn't sure until I tried, but these "gourmet" food coloring pens act like watercolor pencils for blending as long as the gum paste is fully dry and you're careful not to get it too wet (gum paste will go back to gooey if you get it wet enough). I started with her flesh tones, and when the shading started going so well, I decided I would make this a masterpiece. I sure miss the leisure time just to be able to paint...*sigh*

Friday evening, after getting my tree, shopping (including buying the crown for my Wicked Queen costume), making meatballs, watching PoA with my mom, I frosted the cake on a parchment paper-covered board, writing the text in the classic Snow White font on the board since there wasn't room on the cake anyway. I didn't put the gum paste mirror on the cake until I got there so I could be sure it all arrived safely...which was good because due to the highest winds ever on Hwy 80, my tree fell off my car blocking the driver's side, so I had to pull over, climb over the cake to get out the passenger's side, fix the tree, then continue on my way to the party! :-o

Saturday morning I had finished the white collar out of scrap felt and tagboard my mom had, so I got my costume on after arriving at the party, only a couple minutes late (could you imagine me trying to climb out of my car & fix me tree in a huge black cloak with standup collar? haha!)...Poor kids were scared of me, even ones I know! haha...of course I had to present the cake to the birthday girl...

Here is me fully in character to mimic the poster from 1993

A $5 graduation robe from a thriftstore, my own graduation honor cord, my cloak with some white trim tacked on, scrap felt and tagboard collar, and a modified $2 Halloween hood, with the right makeup and a $3 plastic crown doesn't do too badly, eh? ;)

Now for Christmas decorating today! :D
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