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patio progress!

After two full weekends and the week between, I have significant patio progress to report! :)

patios before & after (so far)

The housecleaners vacuumed the day before, so first thing Saturday the 20th I shampooed my inside carpets with the old Rainbow since my parents' steam cleaner didn't work after all. Since I was still recovering from my cold, I needed a little nap after all the shoulder work & leaning over of the carpet cleaning, then I got back to work clearing the rest off the patios. That took long enough that I didn't start pressure washing until nearing dark, so I just washed the ceilings & the patio can see what a difference that made! Sunday I thoroughly cleaned both patio floors which took forever since that focused point of water makes a nice fine line of clean that makes it obvious how dirty it actually was!

miracle of pressure washing!

I wanted everything totally dry before any painting, so Monday was my night off. Tuesday I got home from work, read all the instructions for the paint sprayer, noting where Kevin C. had given me pointers in person when he dropped it off, connected everything, and voila - about 10 square feet it worked perfectly! ...then nothing. I assumed the tip got plugged so took it off & cleaned it thoroughly, got it to work about 20 square feet more, then stopped again. I tried the tip but no go, then tried taking out the filter in the handle with no luck, so I gave up for the evening, set up everything soaking so it wouldn't dry in the sprayer, and decided tomorrow was another day.

Wednesday evening I tried again, everything cleaned thoroughly and the filter washer really pushed back in hard - I wasn't sure how far it was supposed to go in - and that finally worked. Unfortunately I had also thinned down the paint, since I thought it might be clogging more quickly because it was thicker exterior paint, so when I did get it working, it was such a thin coat it was just dripping everywhere...a paint rainstorm! This is exactly why I was painting the ceiling BEFORE the floor! ;) By the time I used up enough paint to refill, those were better coats, but it was also using up a lot more paint than I expected, so I didn't think the outer patio ceiling was worth using up every last bit of my touchup paint for the whole house. Boy was this a giant mess and hassle so I don't plan on buying my own paint sprayer like that (can you see the droplets still in the air? heh!), but it still looks much better to me than the ugly bare metal ceiling! Thanks Kevin!

screened patio ceiling before & after

Thursday evening I started patching all the floor cracks. I was using the real cement patch, not the vinyl stuff, and the bucket warns to use gloves because of the Portland cement content, but I didn't, and my hands are STILL dry a whole week later! heh... It comes dry in the bucket, only mix with water enough you can work with in 5 minutes, but I was able to extend that for the small cracks by adding water along the way and mashing them into the little cracks. For the largest cracks I definitely used fresh patch, and it was consistency of spackle, with which I have extensive experience! The worst cracks were trip hazards changing level, so I graded those the best I could, then filled in anything else I saw. The surface pitting was harder to fill so I did my best with all those too. About 5 hours later I was done patching both patios...whew! Good thing since it was supposed to cure for 48 hours before painting, and I wanted to start painting on Saturday!

door crack before & after patching

worst crack before & after patching

While setting some of the patch swelled and there was a lot of grit like when grouting tile, so on Saturday I scrubbed down the surface grit and any swelling with the wire brush, and I scraped & burnished other places with the flat end, so everything was as flush as possible. I hosed everything down to get all the grit away since I broom wasn't working well enough, then while they were drying I got up on the roof to caulk all the skylights from the roof side & attempt to replug the old downspout hole to the patio. Tonight's storm has proven the skylights are sealed so far, but the downspout is still dripping a little, so to be continued, and a bucket is in place while I'm away.

After the roof work was done, the floors were dry enough to start painting! I used a roller with extension pole, but I still had a lot of up & down bending over because of using a brush to cut in the edges. I also needed the brush to work into some of the cracks since the raw patches were soaking up so much paint. A couple hours later I was done with the first coat on both patios, but with less than half the gallon left for a second coat. After inspection in all lighting, night & day, it looked like the outer patio was fine with just a little touchup in places, since I had gone over it a lot the first day so more of a 1.5 coat I guess, so I just did a second coat on the screened patio & called it good. I expected to see the largest repairs because of the texture difference, but they are still not gaping holes nor trip hazards anymore. The color is a bit more pinky terracotta than the chip sample, but good enough, especially when testing the color with the new rug!

cracks before & after - what a difference!

patio painting all done!

Even more photos are in Gallery of course...and now everything will have time to cure plenty to put furniture back in place & build the wetbar when I get back from Australia!
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