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Adventures in Australia!

My college friend Amy has been down under in Perth since September 2008 in a 3-year PhD program at the university, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity and visiting her! Here's my itinerary:

Monday Apr 5th: SFO -> LAX -> Brisbane -> Perth via Virgin America, Virgin Australia & Virgin Blue to add to my large bank of Virgin Atlantic points

Wednesday Apr 7th: arrive in Perth 1pm local time

Thursday Apr 8th: recover at Amy's place in Kardinya - expecting MAJOR jet lag!

Friday-Sunday Apr 11th: Margaret River region of southwestern Australia - rental house with some of Amy's local friends, wine country, beach, aboriginal bush tucker tours at the rivermouth on canoes? Not sure how much we can cram in, but it all sounds great!

Monday-Tuesday Apr 13th: Fremantle/Perth - sightseeing in Perth, see Amy's PhD project in process :)

Wednesday Apr 14th: fly Perth -> Melbourne, evening in Melbourne at Victoria All Seasons Hotel in central city

Thursday Apr 15th: sightseeing in Melbourne

Friday Apr 16th: morning pickup rental car, begin 4 day road trip to Sydney! Yarrah wine region? Penguins off the southern coast? Hot air balloon? Blue Mountains? Beach with kangaroos? Where to sleep at night? Anything is possible - it's an adventure!

Tuesday Apr 20th: evening in Sydney at City Lodge Hotel in central city

Wednesday-Thursday Apr 22nd: sightseeing in Sydney

Friday Apr 23rd: crack of dawn flight home, longest day ever, hopefully ending in Margarita Friday to keep me awake to reset jetlag! ;)

I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come, but my Amazon Visa I used to hold the hotel reservations, plus was hoping to rack up a nice chunk of Amazon points to spend when I got back, was used on Sunday in Australia for a PayPal Vodafone charge unknown to me, so now I'll be using a different Visa for everything else, and calling collect when I reach the hotels to authorize my charges that match the reservation. They will leave the card open but deny all charges until I call them. At least it happened with enough time I could spend on the phone last night, change all my autobilling to other options, and to make sure I brought an alternate card, but not far enough ahead to get a new Amazon Visa issued & delivered to me before I leave. It didn't help that my DSL went down in the storm and is still being flaky today while I'm trying to leave. I knew my travel preparations had been going a little too smoothly this past week!

Not sure how often I will find reliable internet access, and iPhone data roaming is just too expensive to rely on, but I'm bringing my mom's old 12" PowerBook so I'm hoping to blog with photos along the way!

Next stop, down under! :D
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