brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

made it to Western Australia!

Two days later, I've made it to Kardinya! Ruth dropped me off at SFO Monday afternoon, my 14-hour flight to Brisbane left LAX at midnight, made it to Brisbane through customs and quarantine by 8am local time, then on the 5-hour flight to Perth, landing 1pm...boy was that way too long cooped up on planes!

It was so wonderful to be greeted with such a nice hug and a big smile after such a long trip! Amy was there at the Perth airport before my luggage had even arrived. We drove home, where I had a much-needed shower, then we went grocery shopping. Mostly typical supermarket stuff, with some other funny bits, like pet meat...yes, you can buy prepackaged ground meat specifically for your pets!

The name of these ice cream treats are also a local joke...heehee!

Hopefully some decent sleep finally tonight, sightseeing in Perth tomorrow, then off to Margaret River on Friday!
Tags: australia, travel

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