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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Cottesloe & Fremantle
australia, ocean
For my first full day in Australia, Amy took me straight to the ocean...hooray! A bit chilly and very windy and more was on the day's agenda, so we just dipped our toes in before lunch, but there should be more beach time in my future. This is my first time seeing the Indian Ocean, and the colors were gorgeous!

We had a nice light lunch in Cottesloe, drove up to Peppermint Grove above the bay, where the rich people live in huge houses with no lot space since they all want the views. It's called Peppermint Grove because of the peppermint eucalyptus trees they planted all along the drives, and those trees never last as long in nature because the true eucalyptus crowd them out. Some very cool twisty trunks, especially down by the river!

Next we found the Boatshed, a gourmet grocery similar to Andronico's, since Amy wanted some cool things for our BBQ on Monday and for the weekend. I scoped out the cheese in hopes of finding something similar enough to manchego for the homemade quince paste I brought with me, but lo & behold there was real manchego...for $89.99 AUD per kilo! One wedge large enough for 12-14 people was $35 AUD! Whew! It's only about $12/lb at Costco back home!

After our gourmet grocery shopping, we drove to Fremantle then walked around all afternoon. The older buildings have nice cast iron railings, very similar in style to old New Orleans, so I had to take photos of course. Some cute shops, but the only thing I bought was very silly. Amy told me the souvenir I absolutely had to get was an Australian flag bikini! I have questioned her repeatedly, but she swears it's a must, so I found one big enough for my top (often a challenge) and splurged. I told her if her friends laugh at me instead of with me, I will blame her! ;)

Britta & Amy looking at the Indian Ocean on the tower at Fremantle Gaol, the oldest building in Western Australia

Amy's housemate Daniel met us in Freo for dinner at Little Creatures, a local brewpub similar to Tied House or BJ's Brewery that brews their own cider, which was tasty enough for two pints with dinner, but not scrumpy style like my homebrew. We had a nice dinner but a bit chilly and windy out on the patio, and we did get a bit silly, but you'll have to go into the Gallery album to see how silly. ;)

We got home about 9:30pm, but I was really tired, so I did get photos out of the camera & into Gallery, but decided sleep was better than blogging! I woke up a few times while it was still dark, then got up 7am since I had gone to bed at 10...shockingly early for me! I'm all packed for the weekend in Margaret River, and now we're having breakfast before Amy & I get on the road for the extended scenic route south. Overcast & rainy forecast so I hope it won't be too bad, since we were hoping for a little more beach today. Regardless of the weather, it will be fun!

Until next time!