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To Maggie River

We finally got on the road to Margaret River a little before 11am, which was our goal. I saw a couple yellow diamond kangaroo crossing signs along the drive, but no actual kangaroos yet. They're usually only out at dawn & dusk for food, and they're known for darting out into the road like deer, so it's better not to see them while driving. After driving in the UK & Germany, I was surprised to see road signs using the same font & color scheme as the US. Even the color of scenery was similar to the dry gray greens in much of the California Central Valley, but upon closer inspection, they were forests of eucalyptus, not oak trees or manzanita bushes.

I dipped my toes in the ocean again by the Busselton Jetty - the longest jetty in Australia if not the world, but it was chillier since the clouds were keeping the bright sunshine away much of the day today. We only had a little rain on the drive, so that wasn't bad. The forecast is a rainy Saturday, so maybe some beach time on Sunday before we drive back to Kardinya...we'll see!

We had stopped for lunch at Bunbury, where it took forever just to get our sandwiches, so by the time we had stopped at the jetty and continued the scenic route to Margaret River, it was well past 4pm by the time we got the keys for the rental house. We followed the directions, past several wineries, down a gravel road, up along the edge of a vineyard, then finally to the house, a gorgeous place called Brookside, open to wild forest, supposedly chances of seeing animals right here, but no trace of any yet. It was chilly enough to light a fire in the living room fireplace, and I hadn't met the 3 others of our weekend group until this evening, so I had nice chats getting to know Kylie, Pete & Daisy while Amy prepared a delicious dinner...yes, including shrimp on the barbie! One Australian cliche accomplished! :)

After dinner & more chat, we decided on Pictionary for the evening's entertainment, where my traditional 2/3rds of the game board lead with Kylie & Daisy lasted all the way through 2 rounds of all-play on the last square, then Amy's team finally sniped us at the very end! Ah well, a rousing good game that everyone agreed was fun, and both Amy & I tailored some of our drawings to our Australian audiences...I made sure to draw the "glove box" on the left side of the car steering wheel! ;)

Even only 2 glasses of wine with dinner and lots of water after, I was fading again around 10pm, which is about 7am back home, so I suspect the jetlag is only affecting me in the evenings. At least I'm still able to enjoy the daytime well enough. We're not exactly sure of the Saturday plan yet, but definitely a couple wineries for leisurely tastings, lunch somewhere, dinner out, but back to the house for the evening. There are only 2 pubs in Maggie River, neither of them worth the cash vs. just hanging out & enjoying the company, maybe with another board game from the house closet. There is a DVD player & TV but the choices are slim. Too bad Amy & Daniel both forgot to bring the classic Australian 80s movie they swear I need to see before I leave!

There is very little cell signal up here, so I was only able to get a couple minutes on Amy's USB aircard way out on the deck before it claimed it had no signal again, not even enough to check email, so these weekend posts will have to wait until we get back to Kardinya on Sunday night.

Saturday here we come!
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