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Brunch & Beach

I woke up yet again at 4:30am (annoying!), then slept again until 7am, so I was ready enough to take a group photo before Pete & Daisy left to spend the day with her dad. The rest of us were packed up to leave the house and make it to Cullen Winery before our 11am brunch. We made it to the winery at 10:15, and others were just leaving...I'm amazed at so many people tasting wine so early in the morning! Even though I had a lot of water to clear my palate, I was wondering if it was just not the right time for me to be tasting since everything was tart to me, but Amy agreed it was all quite tart. My favorite wine there was the one that was $105 AUD, not on the tasting list but there was an open bottle so they offered, but it still wasn't as good as the 2006 Savannah-Chenelle Pinot Noir I have at home, so I was the only one of us four who didn't buy there.

Britta, Pete, Amy, Daisy, Kylie & Daniel on the deck at Margaret River

We were a few minutes early for our brunch reservation, so we looked in the gallery next door first, which was nice. Daniel was tempted by the pavlova with fruit, but that's dessert to me, not breakfast! I got the full English breakfast, more food than I needed but it was very tasty. It was nice to see that the pavlova was pretty much the same as my mom & I make. I had to take a photo of Amy since I get kidded so much about my outfits, but look at her! :) Love it!

Next we went to the gallery Daniel had seen on Friday, where the chopping board was. All he could talk about Friday night was how gorgeous these custom wood chopping boards were, so much that Saturday morning he told us he dreamed of those chopping boards chasing him! Haha...they were very nice, and just look at his face seeing them again! ;) It was hard for me to resist the teal-framed miniature beach shells, but the aqua-framed one I liked better for the variety of colors of the arrangement, so I hope the frame doesn't blend into my bathroom walls too much.

Daniel & Kylie went on back to Perth from there, but I had requested some beach time, so Amy took me to Smith's Beach, and we only saw a couple people, so it might as well have been a private beach! The weather was perfect, just overcast enough so the sun wasn't blinding, a nice warm breeze, and the finest, softest sand I've ever felt. The waves were amazing, and too strong for swimming, but we had lots of fun right at the edge. We kicked back on the sand while chatting, then moved along back up the path to the car. I wore my silly Australian flag bikini, which at the right angle doesn't look too bad on me, but you'll have to click into Gallery to find those. ;)

Our last stop in Margaret River was the Shearing Shed, where we didn't buy anything or see any sheepdogs, but there was an adorable newborn lamb, cute sheep, & some old rams with huge horns, so it was worth the stop.

3 hours later we were in South Fremantle, ready for dinner at a local Italian place, but they lost our order, so it was 45 minutes before we got our food. Seeing the sandwiches on Friday in Bunbury also took so long, we're beginning to wonder at our sit-down meal luck! It was very tasty at least, then finally back to the house in Kardinya & unpacked around 8pm. A long weekend but full of fun!
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