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Laundry Day

*cue song of the same title from Dr Horrible soundtrack* :)

I haven't seen Amy yet at all today! She left for the lab before I woke up, called around noon to check in, thinking she'd come get me in a couple hours so I could help her, then she called again around 5:30pm that she'd be lucky if she was home by 10, so to have dinner without her. I slept in, did laundry, washed whatever party or breakfast dishes that were left, repacked for the flight tomorrow, tracked our shared expenses, caught up on email & Facebook, and read a little, so it was nice to have an unstructured day. By the time Daniel got home from work it was raining cats & dogs...blech! Our plan for tonight anyway was to watch The Castle, what everyone keeps calling the funniest Australian movie ever, so Daniel & I watched it without Amy. It was quite funny, a good underdog comedy with lots of heart, and now I know the lines people were quoting all weekend. ;) Here's some info, but I totally didn't recognize Eric was his first film back in 1997!

88% on Rotten

Wikipedia entry for The Castle

Amy & I still have to finalize our plans after leaving Melbourne, but Wednesday is our flight from Perth to Melbourne, leaving 1pm. Showers are forecast for Melbourne through Thursday unfortunately, but the weekend shows sunny, so we're hopeful we can actually get a hot air balloon ride over Yarrah Valley on Saturday or Sunday...*crossing fingers*

Next update will be from halfway across Australia! :)
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