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Aussie Road Trip: Healesville to Mallacoota

Ahh...8 full hours of sleep felt so nice! I woke up at 7am, then rolled over again until about 9, and Amy didn't get up until later! We had asked for our hot breakfast at 10:30am so we could get on the road well before noon. Even after chats with Tom suggesting which roads to take & where to stop for lunch, we were still on the road by 11:30, for the last time through the Yarra Ridges forest. I drove the first leg to Sale, which went pretty smoothly. Most of Victoria looks even more like the California Central Valley since the foliage is also the same. According to the signs, this is wombat crossing and kangaroo crossing country, but we haven't seen any in the wild.

We didn't want to go as long without eating as Saturday but thought dinner might be early too, so we stopped just for scones in Sale along the way. We did find our way to Metong, where Tom had suggested a pub that overlooks the water on the south coast, but unfortunately their restaurant was closed for a wedding...darn! We got some nice water views in the fading light at Metong, then made it down the highway again to Lake's Entrance, the other place Tom recommended. It was too dark to see by then, but we had a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant on the water.

We called after dinner to check in with Melaluca Grove in Mallacoota near the border of Victoria, and he estimated another 2.5 hrs until we arrived, which was spot on. We got in at 10pm, driving through lots of smoke from what we assumed was a controlled burning very close to the highway. At Amy's request, we staged a silly photo escapade at the Snowy River, the same river of the movie "The Man from Snowy River"...heehee! Melaluca Grove is an old motor inn with separate bungalows with 2 bedrooms each, kitchen, living room, even a washing machine, so that will be nice to have separate rooms one night. No internet here, and only 4 TV channels with nothing good on, so I held up my iPhone for both of us as Amy finally saw Dr Horrible in its entirety, and she enjoyed it as much as I expected...yay!

Tomorrow is another long drive to Jervis Bay, but hopefully with Pebbly Beach along the way, rumored to have wild kangaroos that hang out on the beach!

Until next time!
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