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Aussie Road Trip: Mallacooda to Jervis Bay

We were out the door of Melaluca Grove by 10am, even seeing its fairy garden, with recommendations for breakfast, some nice views, and hopefully wild koalas. Breakfast was tasty, the view at Bastion Point was gorgeous, and at Double Creek it took the short walk through the forest first to be coming back the other direction before we found the koala chowing down in the tree near where we parked!

On the road again...we crossed the border from Victoria to New South Wales, and there were more rolling hills with fluffy clouds today. Lots of photos from the car, and we did stop a couple times for a better view. It was another late lunch, which doesn't work well in small towns when places close between lunch & dinner, so we grabbed some bakery sandwiches & ate them out in the sunshine. When the sun was already fading behind the hill, we found the road to Long Beach, which supposedly also led to Pebbly Beach where the kangaroos hang out, but that didn't seem to work. Long Beach was pretty and the water wasn't too cold, but we wanted to find the kangaroos if we could. We went back up the hill & tried another road, ending up at Malroneys Beach, where we saw one kangaroo in the grass, so we stalked him for awhile. Then we got back in the car, drove around the bend and WHOA! Kangaroos all over the neighborhood! A lady was walking by just shook her head at us & smiled & said "They're here all the time, just walk up to them slowly." We couldn't get close enough to pet them, but they didn't mind us getting pretty close. It was really funny to see them hop away, but they'd only take a few hops just to keep some distance, then go back to chewing their grassy dinner. Yay for kangaroos...but wait, there's more!

We thought Amy's travel book was just plain wrong, and maybe the beach had been renamed or something, so we kept on the road north to Jervis Bay. Lo & behold we saw a small sign for Pebbly Beach Road, 8km of gravel road down to a campground & beach...and even though the light was almost gone, there were about five roos chowing down on the grass, calm as could be. They even let us pet them many times...hooray! Very soft & very cute...and I even got a nice photo of the Southern Cross over the water to end the day. :)

We finally made it to Jervis Bay Motel, then found a Thai place nearby still serving dinner, which was tasty. Tonight was a flurry of wifi for Google maps & iPhone loading for directions for tomorrow, then when I decided to repack my suitcase, I found the honey I bought in Margaret River somehow opened itself & leaked all over! Thank goodness my clothes were on the other side, there's a barrier so only half of one side was sticky, plus it's not lined, so the plain plastic was fairly easy to clean...but what a mess!

We're driving through the Blue Mountains next, ending the road trip in Sydney!
Tags: australia, jervis bay, mallacooda, travel

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