brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

last day in Sydney

We had another sleeping in morning, finally at the Manly Ferry launch at 11:30am. Our first meal of the day was lunch, paninis on the Corso of Manly town, then we shopped a bit, and ended up at the lovely beach. I'd been told it was like LA beaches, but even thought I've only been to Huntington beach way back in 1990, it still was a much smaller town feel than LA. It was very nice to play in the surf then relax in the sunshine!

We caught the 3:15 ferry back to Sydney, then strolled through the Botanical Gardens on the way back to our hotel. We only saw one "flying fox" bat actually fly, but plenty of them were still sleeping in the trees, some stretching their wings as they were waking up, then hitting the snooze alarm. ;)

We quickly rinsed off the salt water then were on our way to Martin's Place station to catch the train to King's Cross. Amy wasn't so worried about shopping there since she bought out a store in Manly already, so we just wanted to find dinner in a supposedly up & coming area. Well, with the nudie bars & massage parlors right at the train station entrance I asked Amy where she was taking us, and none of the place in her guidebook were still around, but we found the Gazebo wine bar and had an absolutely delicious dinner with some very tasty and expensive bottles of wine! Worth it for my last night in the country!

We left the Gazebo about 9:30, and caught a 10pm train back to city center, where we tried the pub across from our hotel. Some interesting conversation with an Australian native and several cocktails later, it was 1am already, and we needed to be on the 4:30am train to the airport! We definitely made up for the early night last night, and we can always sleep on the plane! Unfortunately I wasted the one hour I had for sleep fighting with iPhoto, and I still can't get today's photos to import from my camera, so I just posted without photos anyway...sorry!

My Australian holiday was a wonderful trip, and just barely a taste of all the places I visited. Hopefully I'll be able to visit again someday, but at least I've seen this much! Thanks for reading along the way! :)
Tags: australia, kings cross, manly beach, sydney, travel

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