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Springtime for Brittahytta

While waiting for the patio progress that is SOOO close to being completed, here's a garden update! Since I was gone most of April, I knew I'd miss the first pass at my rosebushes, but I was lucky that some started blooming before I left....and the best part was that I didn't miss my front Dutch iris that only finally bloomed after 3 years in the ground...hooray!

First white rose & Easter bouquets

Back in February when I got my new camera, I tried a bunch of macro shots, including the hardenbergia/vine lilac with my copper rain chain...such cute tiny blossoms!

Last year I planted a couple blueberry plants, but right before there was an unexpected April heat wave that killed them. Only one has come back, so I planted some more, with two of them by the front door. Blueberries are forest floor habitat, so since my fern likes it there SOOO much, I hope the blueberries like it too.

backyard blueberries from March to May

front blueberries from March to May

All my tomato plants are already blooming & at least twice as tall as when I planted them in March, but it's not warm enough overnight for any fruit to set yet.

tomatoes from March to May

My friendly squirrel has already been chowing down & hurling the seeds into my yard, so I need to start harvesting loquats & making some jam. Perhaps a loquat rum infusion too this year? That could be quite tasty...

While I was gone the quince tree went from a bevy of beautiful blossoms to a bunch of baby fruit! Sure hope they all grow up for harvest time this fall!

My grapevines were just barely budding before I left, and now there are grape berries all over the arbor! The concord grape is coming back too, but not growing as fast yet.

red flame seedless grapes

concord grapes

Brittahytta before I left, and when I got back...look at those roses!

Stay tuned, since after this weekend should be the final patio reveal with fully-functional wetbar, ready for the Cinema Brittahytta season premiere this coming week!
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