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new & improved Brittahytta Bar & Grill

Here it is...the finished patio, complete with new floors, new rugs & new wetbar! I really like the results, and everything was ready in time for 10 guests to enjoy it this week for the Cinema Brittahytta season premiere!

This wasn't as involved as the kitchen project last year, but it was definitely a major project, starting with my dad's help back in February during Project Weekend with the faucet supply plumbing & new screen door plus getting the cabinets home. I had to stash the existing patio furniture in the garage or inside the house while I pressure-washed, patched & painted the floors, then after I got back from Australia, I started assembling the wetbar and moving the other furniture into place.

I originally put up the canvas dropcloth curtains & large table for my first 4th of July party in 2006. The table was just an old ratty folding table, so I covered it with a floor-length tablecloth that matched the curtains. That was nice for extra storage underneath! However, I got a new dining table inside in 2008, so the glass table had moved outside, and since as of this year I now have another garden shed for storage, I was able to move the items from under the table and the folding tables into the shed. Since after 4 wet winters the original curtains were pretty gross, I have bought new canvas dropcloths for new curtains, but now that my vines & tomatoes are growing nicely along the fence, for the summer I like the open view, especially with the glass table too.

Patios February 2006, July 2006, and now today!

Full details & costs

The last patio project update was when the floors were patched & painted, so you can see the beginning in that post here.

After I got back from my trip, I had help for moving the fridge, glass table & hutch back out to the patio, but everything else I was able to move myself. After touchup paint on the flooring scratches from the fridge, I tackled the cabinetry, constructing the cabinet "wall" with the plywood that was cut in February and studs cut to length with my reciprocating saw and screwed together. Since I was having trouble getting the doors off, I cut out the door panels before attaching the wall cabinet to the plywood "wall." I tried a sharp box cutter first to cut the door panels, but that didn't work. Even very careful jigsaw work left a bit of a mess that I had to touch up with stain I already had. Thankfully I enlisted Cyd's help lugging the wall unit through the garage to the patio before our wine tasting afternoon excursion. :)

I kept working on the patio evenings that week, installing a mini power strip through the backsplash mounted under the wall cabinet, removing the drawer from the sink side & installing it as a pull-out shelf, getting the tilt drawer installed on the sink side, then with great difficulty leveling & shimming the "wall" while bracing it with the base cabinets. Once everything slid so that I caught the wall cabinet from falling completely with my forearm...ouch! Glad I have stain that matches well enough to cover the scratches from the base cabinet falling on its face on the new non-skid floor. :P After about an hour of slow jigsaw through the dense EcoTop, I had the sink cutout done, but my drill batteries kept pooping out so I'd have to wait for the other battery to charge before I could continue.

On the weekend I went shopping for the drain assembly, matching toekick & other supplies, then continued with tile work..see I knew I'd use that tile saw again, so glad I bought vs. rented! I had just enough full travertine stone tiles with thinset, grout & tools leftover from the kitchen project to cover my plywood wetbar backsplash...hooray! The tiles were dry enough by evening I sealed the stone tiles so I could grout the next day. I got the drain assembly to fit where the sink needed to go, and finally the faucet holes drilled through the top so I could glue the counter & sink in place. I cut the new patio rug in half, bound with black Gorilla Tape, and set it on the outer patio under weights since it had roll creases in it. I stained the raw edges of the "wall" then cut & glued the toekick in place along the base cabinets, plus more toekick was the perfect size as trim on both sides to cover the studs & plywood edge. I tried cutting mirror tiles to back the wall cabinet but the glass cutter just wasn't working for me, so I gave up on that plan and used whole mirror tiles centered on the back only. I think the mirrors help reflect the light from the patio, but full of bottles it's not as noticeable the mirrors don't cover the whole interior.

Connecting the faucets required disconnecting the drain assembly so I could reach to the back, and then the drain assembly didn't want to go back on the same way...that was 2 evenings of frustrating plumbing! I had ordered the glass shelf & door panels the previous week, so I had those with screw in metal glass clips by Monday to install without problems. I found my LED battery puck lights to use as cabinet lighting which I love, especially since they were free! The rest of the week was unpackng & rearranging all the glassware, liquor bottles & accessories, dusting everything as I went along, making me sneeze constantly!

If I hadn't lost track of my extra black drain from the kitchen plus not splurged on new patio rugs, I would have made it just under $1000! Alas my grand total is $1164, which for the amount of storage, functionality & how nice it looks now, plus the wetbar unit could move with me to another house, it really is a pretty good deal!

floors: $66 resurfacing supplies + $140 new rugs

$9 one bucket concrete patch
$30 one gallon porch/floor anti-skid self-priming paint in Sandalwood
$9 paint roller & extender pole
$5 wire brush to clean all concrete cracks
$13 more plastic sheeting to cover walls from sprayer
$0 borrowed Kevin C's sprayer for painting screened patio ceiling
$0 used house wall exterior paint for ceiling - already have
$0 used Dad's pressure washer for cleaning all floors, ceiling & walls before patching & painting
$140 nice outdoor rug - cut in half for both patios to match ( special sold out of the smaller sizes)

wetbar: $958

$502 assembled "merlot" finish cabinets from Lowe's
$13.77 plywood for cabinet "wall"
$4.50 2 studs + leftovers
$48 3 toekick 8ft each - decided against crown molding since too tall anyway
$18 tilt-out drawer kit - came as 2 in kit so 1 leftover
$0 sink-side drawer installed as pull-out drawer in bottom of other cabinet
$9 mirror tiles for inside cabinet
$104 glass doors & glass shelf ordered cut to size with polished edges for safety
$2 glass clips
$2 mini extension cord mounted under cabinet
$0 magnetic LED undercabinet lighting - repurposed
$0 EcoTop counter - leftovers from kitchen cut to size in Feb when circular saw was visiting, sink hole cut 5/1 with jigsaw
$3.50 1" paddle bit for faucet holes
$0 silicone caulk - leftovers
$0 travertine stone tile, thinset, spacers, grout, sealer, tile saw - leftovers from kitchen
$150 copper sink on eBay from The Copper Depot - other bar sinks at least $100 for cheaper materials
$46 oil rubbed bronze faucet from
$12 flexlines for faucet
$27 eBay for new oil rubbed bronze sink drain - black kitchen leftover was given away with old sink or this would have been $0 leftovers! :(
$0 plumbers putty - leftovers
$1 teflon tape - not quite enough leftovers ;)
$3 P trap for drain
$7.50 metal converter for drain
$3.30 45 elbow for drain
$1 pipe strap for drain
$0 90 elbow - leftovers
$0 threaded extender pipe - leftovers
$0 compression rings with washers - leftovers
$0 extra 1 1/2" pipe to extend drain further - leftovers

I'm glad the major work is finished so now I can enjoy my new patio! I'm still working on how the screen door should stay closed, since my original magnet plan isn't working, but otherwise bring on the summer!
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