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Muggle's Guide in Spanish!
blackwiidow, the author of A Muggle's Guide to the Wizarding World just found this out from her publisher:

"Our foreign rights guy has just sold Muggles to a Spanish publisher for 4,000 Euros. They are deleting a couple chapters, translating the rest and putting it out initially in hardcover."

The chapters to be cut are the British word translator and the British filming locations...which means the "How To Host Your Own Harry Potter Party" chapter I'm in is staying in! I wonder how "mega-fan" translates into Spanish? wheeee!

Oh yes, I will figure out how to get my hands on a copy, even though Spanish is one of the few languages I haven't studied, so "reading" it will be a word-for-word comparison with my original English version...hehe...

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i expect it will be available on the spanish version of amazon (*is* there a spanish version of amazon, i wonder?) when it comes out (i don't know when that is, unfortunately!). :-)

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