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Cinema Brittahytta so far...

I've been having a lot of fun with the Cinema Brittahytta backyard movie night series this year. Not only is the patio looking very nice and so usable with the new wetbar, but I've been updating my director's clapboard each time with the evening's film title & date, and thinking up silly food & decoration ideas when I can. :)

Since each year there are still people who haven't seen it, I've decided the traditional season premiere should be the hilarious classic "Office Space," but this year the night I picked in May was a rare rainy week, so we stayed inside & watched on the big TV instead, still playing Beatles Rock Band beforehand. Due to crazy schedules & Memorial Day we didn't start up again until June, then Sweeney Todd & the new Alice had already been requested but had to wait until the requestors could attend, so I added Batman & Batman Returns before, classics that we agreed still hold up 20 years later. Then after Alice when people were discussing various Burton films and enough sounded willing, I showed Edward Scissorhands to finish the Tim Burton series for this summer. I could watch Tim Burton all summer, but I know not everyone can, so I thought it was pretty good that I stretched it to five in a row! heehee...I didn't get Rock Band working outside until Sweeney Todd, but now we've been playing each week, which is so much fun on the big screen & plenty of space to spread out. About 8:30pm we can see the game on the screen well enough to play, then by the time it's getting too dark to see the colors on the instruments, it's time to watch the main feature. :)

Season Premiere Office Space

Even though we stayed inside to watch the movie since the ground was too soggy, this was the public debut of the patio wetbar project with all the movie decor, including the old family 8mm projector.

Sweeney Todd - The Best Pies in London

I made miniature beef & Guinness meat pies inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe, and I served them with devilish laughter to those who didn't yet know the plot. ;)

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party

I used Mad Hatter-style millinery, my own silver service, teacups & teapots with lace tablecloth, and even borrowed some of Sheila's stash to create a Mad Tea Party with cocktails in teacups, including "Drink Me" iced tea and an "Eat Me" pastry Brie...then we played Rock Band with Kaeyln in the guitar shades and little Ellie didn't want to give up the mic! ;)

Edward Scissorhands

I couldn't think of special food for Edward since unfortunately all the sugar cookies were scarfed on the 4th of July, but I did bring my action figure home from work. :) We enjoyed Ruth's red velvet cupcakes and Sheila's deviled eggs with slushy fuzzy navels in glowing martini glasses...yum! Only 5 of us that week but we still had a great time playing Rock Band beforehand!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I got out my easiest to reach Hogwarts decor, including the Sorting Hat, crystal ball, some candy boxes, one huge spellbook, one Horcrux, the Snitch, baby Norbert & a wand or two, plus I made butterbeer ice cream and miniature devil's food Cauldron Cakes. Butterbeer was also on tap of course, even butterbeer floats for those who could handle that much sugar! ;)

Since I have never seen the 1982 original, and the sequel comes out this December so others have requested it, we'll be watching Tron next week (aside from glowsticks & lights, any other theme ideas?)...then an even more special menu is in the works for my birthday the following week, when we will watch the stunningly remastered Blu-ray version of the first movie I ever loved...The Wizard of Oz! :D
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