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Brittahytta home & garden improvements for 2010

Hooray for getting projects accomplished! Back in January I announced my 2010 house & garden project list, and I'm happy to say the majority is done!

already finished by the State of the Brittahytta post:

custom center speaker bracket for TV
another decorative shelf in dining area to help hide thermostat
repair coatrack
custom crown molding shelf above pantry door stained to match cabinetry
coatrack shelf in office
sand stains & blemishes off kitchen table & repaint
window arbor for hardenbergia vine by front door to shade side window - now a volunteer wisteria is also growing there!

In addition to preparing for the patio wetbar install, Dad helped with these during Project Weekend 2010:

new 6'x8' shed in back corner behind trees

fix some dripping faucets (guest tub, garage sink, front & back hose bibs) - guest tub & garage sink done Project Weekend 2010, hose bibs will wait until next Dad trip, May 22nd replaced garage faucet with totally new since was spraying while running. Since sprinklers are running for the summer, I haven't seen any effect on my water bill yet. Perhaps in winter I'll be able to tell, but the point is still I'm not wasting water.

new patio screen door - Dad's help Project Weekend, but final kitty-proof handle with latch in June 2010

2010 was indeed Year of the Patio!

refresh patio flooring - done April 2010!

install wet bar on patio - done May 2010!

moved kitchen cart to patio as BBQ cart, with tools & hot pads in drawer to keep clean - June 2010

Miscellaneous Projects:

reseal all skylights from roof side - 2 started leaking this winter - done March 27th & no leaks anymore!

take down old DirecTV dish since new HD dish installed in different location - done March 13th for "Crap to the Curb" week

run ethernet cable from office into living room - moot since gave up on DSL & installed Comcast into living room so moved wireless base station to living room since it has extra ethernet ports

better custom handles for fridge (custom wood handles didn't hold up to guest use) - used oil-rubbed bronze hammered spray finish on original stainless steel handle - looks great but if I could find tightly-fitting slip-on finials, could be painted to match & give more style - July 2010

make outdoor cover for movie screen - clear plastic sheeting open at bottom is doing well enough this year

rearrange setup for movie nights - use my previous inside receiver to finally use the center speaker channel, lower projector location to play Rock Band as pre-movie entertainment - June 2010 & lots of fun all summer!

replaced window screens with pet resistant screening - July 2010

attempted but need other solutions:

refresh retractable front screen door - lasted one great year before the kitties figured out they can walk right through it since the screen comes off the bottom track easily. Tried to use pet resistant screening, glued to original spline & roller end, whipstitched screen spline to screening at top & bottom instead of original buttons, but can't roll back into housing, so now no front door screen at all while researching other options - July 2010

new patio speaker solution - new HDMI receiver only has multi-zone support if I sacrifice my back 2 channels of my 7.1 surround sound in the living room :( Got another Airport Express and previous movie-night receiver in garage wired to patio speakers, but whole-house AirTunes often very flaky, cutting out so much it's unlistenable, other times fine for a few hours. Already repositioned base station, Airport Expresses and laptop, no stucco or appliances in the wifi path, but still flaky. Not sure what else to try next.

Yes, there are the last couple frustrating projects still pending, but the long list is done enough that I can start Halloween projects now, before I leave for three weeks in Ireland on the 31st! :)
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