brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

2 Days to Dingle

After one of the longest travel days ever, we made it to Dingle in daylight, enjoyed an excellent pub dinner, a stroll & some live music, and I gave Cyd the first turn on my laptop, so I'm struggling to stay awake to post my own update! :)

We made it from SFO to Heathrow perfectly on time and sailed through customs & immigration, meaning we had 6 hours to wait until our flight to early they wouldn't let us check our bags yet! Cyd wanted a Guinness, saying since it wasn't even midnight back home, it was fine to have one at 7:45am...I joined her with a cider to pass the time. We got our backs checked, then found my Archers peach schnapps at duty free so I know where to find it on my way home, but there is only so long you can kill time at expensive duty free shops, so we both found some bench space and crashed for some rest. Thankfully the flight to Cork was short & uneventful, no line for the rental car, but it took us 3 tries to get out of Cork environs in the correct direction to Dingle. I think Google maps wasn't as clear as it could have been! I drove all the way to Dingle, thankful for Cyd's company and music on my iPhone on the stereo, but by the time we made it, I was fading & hungry!

We checked in to our room at the Dingle Benners Hotel, then went straight to find dinner since it was already past 7pm and we'd only had travel snacks I'd brought. I had locally caught crab & smoked salmon pasta dish that was delicious! I think my dad will be jealous again...haha! Several of the pubs along the water were having local music, so we strolled along the water in the fading light, then chose one for some music for a little bit with another pint each, then back to the hotel for wifi & a much-needed hot shower!

We're hoping for a nice hike around Dingle tomorrow, but we have another hour drive to get to Glin for tomorrow night so we have a short drive to Shannon to meet the tour at the airport.
Tags: dingle, ireland, ireland2010, travels

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