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Doing Dingle & Getting to Glin

Oh, it was sooo nice to sleep in this morning! I woke up 8am, rolled over, woke up again 9:30am & started moving around so Cyd would get up since breakfast ended at 10am. We went downstairs for a delicious hot full Irish breakfast with tea and even black pudding - yum! All set with plenty of protein for any hiking we found!

We checked out with everything packed in the car, strolled around town & looked in shops & the church for a bit, then went to the tourist information office for hiking suggestions. The best suggestion for the short hours we had was the Slea Head Drive around the Dingle peninsula and hike the most westerly path in Europe at Dun Chaoin. Cyd's first other-side driving was extra challenging because of the single lane roads with high hedges encroaching on both sides, so the rental car got even more scratched than it was when we got it! The weather started out overcast while we saw the prehistoric Dunbeg Fort and monastic beehive huts from the early Christian period, then we found the path at Dun Chaoin and started walking. Gorgeous cliffs, vivid green grass, cute pink heather & other flora, even with gray skies...

...but after we got to the dramatic Faill Malaisc gorge, blue skies started peeking through the high clouds, making the gray Atlantic Ocean a much prettier blue and the grass even greener! Since the rest of the path went up the hill inland we decided to take the same way back, now with better weather & better photo opportunities. I finally got good patchwork hills photos and coastline with the ruined house near the cliff. We even stopped at the cove near Ventry for the stunning blue waves, but it was so windy, Cyd was flying standing still! :) Since there wasn't a road to cut north east of DIngle, we drove back the way we came, back into town, then out on the highway through Tralee to Glin. I tried my best to take photos out the car, but those are always horrible odds what will actually come out okay, and this car is proving worse because it has fine defroster lines in the front windshield...ah well!

We made it to Glin by 7:30pm, not too much later than Cyd had registered, and Estelle of O'Driscoll's B&B told us the only local place still open for dinner was Kirby's Lantern Hotel back up the road. We went there immediately, not even unloading our luggage, had a nice well-earned dinner even including dessert, since we hadn't eaten anything but tiny snacks since our Irish breakfasts. Back at the B&B we unloaded, then went next door to Conway's Pub. Tonight I had Archer's & lemon, a British standard obviously unheard of in Glin even though I saw the Archers behind the bar. Cyd stuck with Guinness, and let's say it was an interesting evening. It started off fine with chatting with the local older guys, including the parish priest. But then another group came over & I was randomly asked to sing, odd since I hadn't said anything about the choir tour. When they found out I really could sing & was joining the choir tour tomorrow, local older man John taught me the words to Danny Boy, me typing them into my iPhone to remember so I could sing it properly. After that impressed them, they kept asking me to sing more but I sadly don't remember words to anything pub-worthy so that didn't go very far past Amazing Grace & snippets of others they started for me like America the Beautiful. Then as those guys got drunker over the course of the evening, I would have rather been in Cyd's conversations with the teenagers from Southampton than courteously nodding & laughing at the guys hovering around me ogling my chest & telling me how "gorgeous" I was. Flattering once or twice, but slurred Irish accented English mixed with Gaelic is even harder to understand in a pub, and hours later it was just old. One can only hear "nice boobs" so many times from the same people in one evening, and that's definitely not the way to impress me. I'm sure they're nice enough guys when they're sober, and I've never gotten that treatment in any other pubs in England or Ireland before. Overall a fun evening at least, and finally towards the end I quietly sang the Star-Spangled Banner since even though they were drunk enough I was answering the same questions over & over, they still wouldn't stop asking me to sing...heh!

It'll be an earlier morning for our breakfast at 8am so we can get on the road to Shannon to meet Vocal Art Ensemble at the airport...then it's the bus instead of driving ourselves until the 11th comes around after the tour!
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