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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Finding Neverland
Go see it...NOW!

If this film doesn't get several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and Best Supporting Actor for the boy who plays Peter Llewelyn Davies (Freddie Highmore), I will eat whichever hat you so choose! It captures the nature of imagination and the virtues of staying young at heart even when life requires children to grow up too soon in a beautiful visual way perfect for film. Not many films make me blubber like that, tears running down my neck even...I hadn't read any reviews in advance or perhaps I would have been prepared with a tissue or two! ;) Yes, I did cry way back when I read Peter Pan when everyone must clap to save Tinkerbell, but here it has even extra poignancy...I won't give away any more...

Anyway, I repeat, go see Finding Neverland as soon as you possibly can!