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Charleville & Killarney

I got a good 6 hours of sleep even though Cyd didn't come in from pub partying until 4am, so my cold today had moved to all nose congestion, still okay to sing thank goodness. We were up bright & early & on the bus all packed in concert clothes by 8:30am and on our way to Charleville, with gloomy gray skies, but we found out we were in the local paper. Since I still wasn't feeling great, I let myself doze on the drive. We stopped at Bunratty Castle for a potty stop & some tea, then back on the long gray road to Charleville in plenty of time before the noon mass. Good thing since it took about that whole time for most of the choir to use the single toilet as the altar boys & girls came past us to get their robes on!

We sang the prelude, offertory, communion music, then a 15 minute concert after the mass, and it was all fantastic. I've personally sung in larger churches & cathedrals many times & many cities with the Choral Project, but this is the best & prettiest space where VAE has ever performed yet, so they were all very excited. The acoustics were fabulous, and most everyone stayed for the concert after mass & really seemed to enjoy the variety of the music. The priest thanked us effusively and presented Tracia with a framed thank you plaque. Several people stayed to chat with us, Tracia got interviewed for a local radio show, and after chatting with me, a teenage girl potential music major might find Eric Whitacre on Facebook after hearing Lux Aeterna. :)

Thankfully the rain held off until after we were out of our concert clothes, changing in the bus and grabbing fast food to eat on the bus (we just had to try the curry cheese fries!), but the whole bus drive to Killarney we had blustery rain all the way to Muckross House at Killarney National Park. We had been given the option of touring Muckross House or hiking in the park, but honestly hiking in sideways rain is different than just vertical showers, so I opted for the house. Very interesting, since this house was owned by the same family who owned Filoli house over in the CA Bay Area! Cyd recognized the story so asked our tour guide and he confirmed it!

At dinner I was feeling better, hoping my congestion might be gone by morning, but since dinner wasn't over until after 10pm anyway, we just stayed in the hotel bar with Doug, Jeff & Cyd enjoying arguing while Tracia & I tried to ignore them, concentrating on photo & blogging stuff. I've been emailing her a few photos each day, so she saves them to her iPod Touch, then on wifi she can use the WordPress app to post to the VAE blog.

Here's hoping it clears up a bit for our bus tour of the Ring of Kerry tomorrow, since I've seen some before and it's truly gorgeous as long as you can see the far hills through the mist!
Tags: charleville, ireland, ireland2010, killarney, travels

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