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Irish Melody Tour is over...on with the rest of the adventure!

Our full day in Dublin began with a bus tour around the city in our concert clothes, ending up at Trinity College. Cyd & I had both already seen the amazing Book of Kells on our previous trips, so we went to the National Art Museum down the street instead. They are quite proud of having a large Caravaggio in their collection, in a room of other artists fond of the same chiarascuro style, plus a Vermeer, Monet, Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco, Picasso, and of course Irish art of the 18th-19th centuries. We saw quite a lot in our time, then met them back at the bus to head for St Patrick's Cathedral for our last concert.

We performed the entire concert, slowing a couple down because of the resounding acoustic, and as we we were packing up to leave, a man from the audience approached Tracia and introduced himself as David Mooney, the arranger of Dulaman! He had found out we were singing & saw on the VAE website we were singing his music, so he came to hear us and was very impressed. Needless to say we didn't leave for awhile. The choir chatted with him, then they had sung another of his pieces at Christmas so they sang that for him, then we took group photos with him too. How lucky is that?

We finally got back to the hotel about 3pm, with free time until our final dinner at 7pm. Cyd went with the guys to the Guinness brewery tour, and since I had seen that before, I went with a few girls to find the Natural History museum, stopping along the way at Molly Malone and a couple shops. We found the Natural History Museum 15 minutes before it closed, but Melissa really wanted to see the Archeology museum around the block, so we agreed to try for that instead. Unfortunately we got there right as they were shooing everyone out the door to close, so no museums for us. We walked back to the hotel via Temple Bar area since none of them had seen it and I'd never seen it in daylight, finding some fun street musicians. We were glad to rest our feet a little while before dinner!

Thankfully the dinner restaurant cleared out of non-tour people by the time dessert was being served, since Ray played on his guitar while others sang some of their own compositions. Gifts & thanks were presented to Mattie & Dennis (Danielle the other tour manager had to leave Thursday for another tour), including enough glowing comments about Dennis he was turning very red...quite a picture with his white hair & trim white beard! Then we surprised Tracia by singing replacement lyrics to several of our songs, Sleep became Sheep with references to events all along the tour, "He Can Drive the Bus, He's Dennis" for I Can Tell the World, and Jericho became "Tracia drank a bottle of Cherry Coke, but she wanted a a Pepsi One" which fit really well! Laura, Jeri, Liese & Katie are quite clever! Most of the group headed to a singing club which was packed, no drinks served, and the audience was required to stay quiet while others sang, so Jeff, Dave, Cyd & I went roaming for another pub. It took us awhile to find O'Shea's, then we stayed for a couple drinks before heading back to the hotel around midnight, finding others in the lobby who had just gotten back too.

We're catching a ride with the tour to the airport to pick up our rental car so we'll be able to say proper goodbyes. Now begins our true adventure, since all we have set in stone is our rental car...we're hoping to head north to tour the prehistoric site of Newgrange today and perhaps Carlingford by tonight, since it's been recommended as a pretty place to hike. We'll see what happens!
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