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Detours off Britta Blvd


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busy busy busy...
The Choral Project concerts went quite well this weekend! Sunday night was a small but appreciative audience in Hollister, Saturday was about half full of Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, but Friday night we packed the place, which means probably 700 people in Saratoga, who even jumped to their feet mid-concert when we finished the Biebl "Ave Maria"...! That was awesome!

I hosted a post-concert party on Friday night, which was packed since my place is small, but it was a good time, and everyone raved about my food and decor, so that's all good...my parents even drove all the way from Sac to the concert and even stopped by my party afterwards...their first Britta party, so that meant a lot to me... :)

Unfortunately, my throat started getting a tickle during last night's concert that has developed overnight into the same cold that has been going around the whole choir, so I'm working from home today to get well. This coming weekend I have three more days of singing gigs, but this time I'm the lead soprano in essentially a quartet of college friends called Cibo Cantabimus, much more exposed than a full choir, so I've got to be well by then! I'm also hoping to do more holiday baking this week, but I have to be careful not to infect anyone...hehe...

Hope your holiday season is going well!