brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Derry in daylight & drizzle...and Name Day!

Ireland is so small that we can drive the length of the country in a day, so getting across half was verified by many to only take 4 hours. Using that estimate we figured we had time to see more of Derry in daylight & drizzle before heading on the road south again. We caught some blue skies between showers, and towards the end we got soaked so my jeans were wet most of the long drive, but we enjoyed the views from the walls, and could get all around including over Bishop's Gate since none of the wall gates were locked.

Since the night before the area inside the walls looked dodgy with many rowdy drunk guys and borderline barfights, in daylight we finally strolled through the center by the war memorial and shops. We got back up on the wall on the bog side, then walked the stairs down the large grassy hillside and back up the other hill to our car.

We left Derry about noon, made really good time until a roadworks diversion, then caught up again so we were on the Dublin ring road about 2:30-3pm. Cyd was enjoying driving again so I didn't argue. :) Since we had such good time plus some blue skies to the south, we headed for Brittas Bay south of Wicklow, through more tiny, curvy, single-lane country roads. The sunshine only stayed a little while, but I was glad for new photos at "my" bay since my 2006 visit. :)

Heading back up north again all around the Dublin M50 ring road, we finally found the Bewley's Airport Hotel not quite as near the airport as described, dropped off all our luggage, paid for overnight parking with our room in advance, then headed back out to the Dublin city center, since we were on a mission to eat dinner at Foley's Bar! With me driving this time, we found parking (8 Euro hotel parking + 10 Euro city parking = still less than 30 Euro cab ride EACH WAY since we already had the extra day charge for the car), we made it about 8pm in the door, with them still serving food...hooray! Cyd was very happy to not only have her Guinness but also her favorite ribeye sirloin! We were sitting in front of the old hand-pump taps that didn't work anymore, but Cyd unsurprisingly kept playing with them. ;)

After were nicely full of dinner, drinks & fun live music, we made our way back to the car by way of the Trinity College front statues, carved by J H Foley of London...nicely topping off our Foley evening after our Brittas Bay afternoon! :)

Sure hope we can get up early enough for our morning flight! Since we've already gone over into an extra day of rental car, we're not returning it until the morning, and we're staying about a 10 minute drive to the airport. Only an hour flight's worth of nap for catch up before we spend the day in Leeds!
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