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A Relaxing Saturday

It was nice to not have to rush in the morning, so even after sleeping in, I was ready for the day well before 11am, knowing we were going to the church luncheon. Chris' mother drove over to walk with us to the lunch, but also to collaborate on the weekly crossword, since her cousins call her to gloat on Sunday evenings. Janet, Chris & Cyd had been working all morning with various resources and had already gotten much farther than his mother, then we all tried some more before strolling through the neighborhood to the lunch at the Methodist church. I think it's the tiniest church I've ever been in, and the parish hall for the lunch was also tiny, the size of one Sunday school room or nursery in other churches back home. The lunch was tasty, quiche, baked potato with grated cheese, baked beans, and green salad with no dressing, then a choice of chocolate or strawberry cake for dessert. Before it was served we had several quizzes, like pub quizzes, one for church etiquette that was more just funny, one about agriculture we did horribly on, but Chris' mother knows a lot of flower common names, so between all 5 of us contributing at least one answer that stumped the others, we got 31 of 33 on the flower quiz! No prize except knowing we're the best! haha...After we walked back there was some more crossword collaboration, then we said our goodbyes to Chris' mother as she went home.

Elsie the black kitty has now let me pet her a few times, but Gwen is still running past as quickly as she can. However, Walden is Mr Friendly, with a purr you can hear across the room. He attacks the two shy girls though, so it's a matter of shutting off certain doors to let Walden run around rooms Elsie & Gwen aren't in, or putting Walden back in the furnished garage in his own "suite." Walden is such a big heavy boy! He's at least twice the weight of Onyx. He was a neighborhood cat for several years, but was hit by a car, then when the whole neighborhood kept trying to catch him for several days to take him to a vet since they could tell he was hurt badly, he chose Janet & Chris by strolling into their house for help, lame paw hanging from the wrist and one eye stuck open and blind, and has stayed with them ever since. He does quite well now limping along, since the vet tested that he can't feel the paw and the tendons don't work at all, but he can put a bit of weight on it and uses it to wash himself just fine. Not sure you can really tell how large he is but here are some photos.

We lounged the afternoon away playing with Walden and watching an Eddie Izzard standup video even Cyd hadn't seen, which was pretty funny, then we changed into better clothes for our dinner out at the art deco Earl of Doncaster, a favorite of Janet & Chris. We drove past the church I performed at in 2004 on the Choral Project tour, and the restaurant was very cool. Nicely done decor, and even though it goes with the theme, I'm not quite sure about the GOLD-painted Steinway piano! No one was playing tonight, but they have TV screens that play classic movies in the background. Tonight was the original Sunset Boulevard, which is still on my list to see. Cyd had Guinness again, but since they had a classic cocktail menu, I had a champagne cocktail and a Kir Royale, while Janet had a Cosmo and some white wine. Our dinner was excellent! Cyd & I enjoyed the black pudding salad starter, with poached duck egg on top, and I was the only one not full to bursting since I had a risotto starter as my entree instead of a full main dish. I had room for sticky toffee pudding so Cyd finally was able to taste some. We still haven't seen spotted dick on menus anywhere for her to try though!

Our hosts have already pooped out & gone to bed at 9:30pm, so Cyd & I are on separate computers, which means I'm waiting my turn to get access to the single ethernet port on the router. Tomorrow sounds like it'll be a couple more National Trust or English Heritage sites in the rain, especially because we've borrowed Chris' mother's lifetime membership cards, so that we'll only have to pay one ticket anywhere we go. :)
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