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A Very Harry Christmas!
www.jkrowling.com is so slammed right now, that I had to force quit my browser to get my machine to respond at all...go to MuggleNet or TLC for the summary scoop...by tomorrow we should have an official release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Ack - that means I have to set a Year Six at Hogwarts party date as well...the planning has already begun in my head of course...I'm thinking another feat of paper engineering is required for me to create PoA movie-style unfolding Marauders Map invitation...hmmm...

It's also only one week until I'm on a plane to England myself (no, nothing HP-related at all!)...yippee! :D

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nothing HP related, but there may be a 'prince' over there, no? ;-P have a wonderful time!!

Wahoo! I'm excited about all three of your morsels of news. :-)

Not even HP (http://www.hpfoods.com/brands/hpsauce/) sauce for your beans on toast?

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