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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 4 - Eden, Killer Whales & Potaroo Palace

at Port of Eden.
January 28 at 6:48 PM · Eden, NSW, Australia ·
Eden is a tiny fishing town on the Sapphire Coast that has become a cruise ship stop. We had to take tenders from our ship anchored in Twofold Bay to the port. They had a few market tents at the dock but we were promptly ushered onto our bus for our tour, starting with the Eden Killer Whale Museum. Killer whale pods have different hunting styles around the world, and the local pod family drove humpback whales into the bay and up onto the beach, for hundreds of years they cooperating with the local native humans, with the orcas herding the humpbacks to where the humans would kill them, then the humans would leave the carcass in the water for the orcas to feast first on the lips & tongue, then the humans would use the rest of the whale. This fascinating relationship continued when white men arrived and the natives explained the arrangement to them, but it was only small boats and handheld harpoons, never big whaling expeditions. One orca known as Old Tom even pulled on the whaling boat ropes to slow down the humpbacks for easier kills, and there were many stories how boats were overturned but the orcas swam around the humans keeping them safe from sharks. This cooperative technique continued for 100 years until Old Tom died in 1930, then his pod never returned to the bay. Interesting fact: the only whale product that does not have a modern replacement is spermaceti oil made from the heads of sperm whales, still used by NASA for precision machinery. Eden is still a spot for whale watching but not this time of year.

at Potoroo Palace Native Animal Sanctuary.
January 28 at 6:57 PM · Merimbula, ACT, Australia ·
Potaroo Palace is a not-for-profit conservatory for local Merimbula wildlife. The animals were wisely staying in the shade in the heat, but we saw some potaroos who look more like oversized rats than their kangaroo relatives, several interesting birds, cute dingos, some emu, a couple porcupine-like echidna, flying fox bats, a couple koalas, and I did get to feed & scratch the head of a smaller eastern grey kangaroo! However, I’ve haven’t had sweat constantly pouring down my face like this since I was in the Costa Rica rain forest...whew!

at Ms Noordam.
January 29 at 9:51 PM
After tendering back to the ship and watching them hoisted back into position directly outside our room, Glen & I enjoyed the live piano music at the Ocean Bar with a couple cocktails that lasted through dinner together again. All 6 of us headed to the comedy show and laughed with margaritas & other cocktails, then we called it a night.

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