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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 5 - Smooth & Snazzy at Sea
australia, ocean
at Ms Noordam.
January 29 at 9:53 PM
Today was all day at sea hugging the southern coast of Australia so the motion was pretty smooth, then Glen & I made it to breakfast just before they closed and headed to the salmon class in America’s Test Kitchen. We met up with the rest of our group at 3pm, international beer tasting for the guys vs afternoon tea for the girls. It’s our first “gala night” tonight so we are dressing up!


at Ms Noordam.
January 30 at 1:31 PM
Ruth & George were on their own tonight, but the rest of us looked quite dashing at dinner in our gala attire! Too cloudy for a sunset but we did see part of a rainbow! Glen & I took advantage of a couple formal photo locations, even a studio session where Glen said, “wow, I felt like a celebrity!” Hope some of the photos turn out well! We saw the 10pm song & dance show while the ship was rocking pretty hard, amazed how they can dance on stage with all that floor motion! We heard the live band playing in the blues club on our way out, so stayed there until their set was over...really fun band with sax, trumpet and great singers!