brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 9 - Rocky Day at Sea

at Ms Noordam.
February 4 at 2:56 PM
On Sunday Glen & I woke up to lots of waves and blustery weather that closed all the outer decks as too slippery. We made it to buffet breakfast just before closing again, since overnight we sprang forward an hour for ship time. We had done a studio B&W photo session on the first formal night, so we had our appointment to review them. Many were good but due to expense we only bought 2, and won’t get the digital copies at home for ten weeks! I barely made it through the chocolate lesson in no-windows America’s Test Kitchen, learning a new creme anglaise technique that may make my ice cream easier and wishing we could taste the examples, then Glen & I had a meeting about our overnight excursion our first stop in New Zealand. After a late buffet lunch with carefully chosen food, Glen went to play cards with the guys while I stayed in our room watching the end of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt until meeting everyone for dinner.
I thought the new stugeron anti-motion sickness pills plus extra-strength Excedrin were working better in the morning, but before lunch I made the mistake of trying to read 5 pages of my next book, and that pushed me over the edge into nausea that never went away all day, even though I kept taking another pill every couple hours. I was able to eat French onion soup for dinner, then we all made it an early night since the ship was springing ahead another hour to catch up to New Zealand time by the time we dock.

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