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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 12 - Arrowtown, Bungy Bridge, to Dunedin

in Arrowtown.
February 5 at 8:52 PM ·
After a quick hotel breakfast, we were back on the road with our last views of Lake Wakatipu on the way to Arrowtown, a cute gold mining village retaining much of its 19th-century character. We only had about 30 minutes to look around, so we walked the main street, and Glen bought some gourmet fudge while I bought fresh apricots from the fruit stand...yum!

at Kawarau Bridge Bungy.
February 5 at 8:58 PM · Gibbston, New Zealand ·
After Arrowtown we kept driving more winding roads through farmland, then we stopped in at the Old Kawarau Bridge over more teal waters, where we watched a couple bungy-jumpers leap from the bridge. This was the first commercial bungy-jumping operation in the world, since 1987. I think I could handle the drop, but all the random bouncing next is not for me!

at Roaring Meg Kawarua Gorge.
February 5 at 9:02 PM ·
Our bus continued driving through more New Zealand winding roads and farmland with lots of sheep through Clyde, Cromwell, and across the Clutha River, finally finding our way to The Packing Shed, a lovely garden spot with delicious buffet lunch in a former fruit-packing shed. The air was a bit chilly, but the sunshine felt wonderful!

at Dunedin Railway Station.
February 5 at 9:09 PM · Dunedin, New Zealand ·
The drive to Dunedin was even more winding, enough that we both had to be careful to watch the horizon to avoid getting sick! We saw rocky hillsides, more sheep, and more farmland, then no time for a tour of Dunedin as scheduled, so we pretty much missed “the Edinburgh of the South,” but at least we were allowed 20 minutes at the fabulous Edwardian train station before driving the last half hour to Port Chalmers to meet our ship.

at Ms Noordam.
February 6 at 1:40 PM
As the ship sailed away from Port Chalmers, we saw albatross and a lighthouse right outside our balcony, we found out happy hour pricing only works for the exact same beverage, we rejoined our whole group again for dinner, then since the port & chocolate tasting was canceled, we listened to the end of the strings concert where they closed with the Cantina song. ;)

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