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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 14 - Wellington, Weta Workshops & Lord of the Rings

at Mount Victoria Lookout.
February 7 at 6:45 PM · Wellington, New Zealand ·
In Wellington we took another Lord of the Rings tour, which pointed out main attractions in Wellington then took us into the forest trails at the top of Mount Victoria. Glen did his best Frodo mimicking the location shot before the first Nazgul attack, and our guide was a true performer with stories about his days as an Uruk-hai extra for 2 movies, as well as other interesting behind the scenes stories...then we got back onto the bus past the Windy Wellington sign on the hill to head to Weta Studios!

at Weta Experience 127.
February 7 at 6:52 PM · Wellington, New Zealand ·
Our next stop in Wellington was Miramar, where Weta started with the “Cave” workshop and expanded to a full suite of digital effects, post-production, and Stone Street Studios. We didn’t see any actual workshop, just the exhibition space with actual examples of props, makeup prosthetics, and costumes in various stages of fabrication, but our tour was led by actual Weta Workshop employees, so it was nice to ask them questions about what they actually make and how they got hired. No photos except in the gift shop, where Glen kept his ring safe from Gollum and we both posed with Gandalf. I laughed that they were selling Sculpey, but I decided a sculpting tool to add to my collection would be a good souvenir, in addition to the shirt that says “Be creative and make cool things.” Sure wish I could make a living from my creativity, but I don’t want to move to Wellington. ;)

at Ms Noordam.
February 8 at 11:41 AM · Wellington, New Zealand ·
After our ship left Wellington, I enjoyed some exactly timed sunshine on the top deck right in front of the horn...that was REALLY loud! Before dinner we went to the Kahurangi Maori dance show, then we had Margarita Friday onboard again, this time with happy hour pricing for half our drinks! After dinner Ruth, Gail, Glen & I saw the comedian, then we stayed at the piano bar for his last hour, which was mostly regulars singing along to show tunes tonight, including All I Ask of You, Memory, and Piano Man at “11:42 on a Friday...” ;)

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