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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Merry Christmas from Edmonds!
I'm here on dialup at my grandmother's house outside Seattle. Uneventful enough flight this morning, thank goodness, but I had only a 1-hr nap since I have been fighting with Final Cut Pro and iDVD all night to get this DVD authored of my grandmother's 90th birthday party. I actually had to cancel out after waiting 3.5 hours while it encoded since I had to shut down the external hard drive power to leave for the airport at 6am...then I've tried twice again today to burn the DVD, which takes compression time from iDVD first, but after waiting 5 hours each time, it crashes! AARGH! So much for that Christmas gift, eh? I even have the labels & cases all pretty, ready for the DVDs to put in them...at least this time I was able to go online while I still had the bug report to send to Apple, so maybe someday I'll get to author a DVD out of it. At this point, I'm going to try exporting the edited video out of FCP straight to VCR via my camcorder at least, in hopes I can at least give one copy to my grandmother (who doesn't have a DVD player anyway).

At least I am now fully over my cold now, which was good timing since I've had about 3 hours total sleep since yesterday night...hehe...all the other presents are wrapped & under the tree, so I'm ready...except for the darn DVD issue...*sigh*

Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my Christmas photo for you to enjoy...haha...

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Merry Christmas to you and Kylie, who appears to be expressing her Christmas spirit on the inside. :-)

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