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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 18 - Farewell New Zealand, Hello Fiji...Bula!

at Nadi International Airport.
February 11 at 4:34 PM · Saunaka, Fiji ·
Farewell New Zealand, Hello Fiji! Bula everyone! Fun ukulele & guitars playing while waiting in line for our first actual passport stamp of this adventure. All these darn e-passports machines are quick but leave you no collection of where you’ve been! It was yet another before dawn morning, but we made it with aisle & window seats next to each other, and are now waiting to board our seaplane to our little island, then we can relax!

at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.
February 11 at 8:42 PM ·
We made it to Likiliku on Malolo Island! We saw our overwater bure hut from the air and the whole island looks gorgeous! We were the first stop for our seaplane, our pilot was barefoot, and we boarded the small boat for our resort so we didn’t get the chance to see it take off from water...but we were greeted with a song and a wood bead lei at the dock! They took all our bags to our room as we had our late lunch & tour, and we have already been fitted for our snorkeling equipment, but it’s really muggy after a long travel day, so a little unpacking & relaxing is in order before a late dinner. 🌺

at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.
February 12 at 9:27 PM ·
We saw our first Likuliku Lagoon sunset from our balcony, walked around to the beach bar for our complimentary cocktails, then enjoyed dinner in dark where it was much cooler but tricky to see the menu or the food. Everything was fantastic, including a seafood spread for two that was messy to eat but worth the effort! It was clear enough to see lots more stars than back home, so Glen kept trying to use the binoculars to find the Magellanic Clouds he has always wanted to see but are only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. ✨

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