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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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off I go!
I'm off for the airport for the forever-long flight to Heathrow...at least I did Virgin Atlantic web checkin and I have a window seat which is good for sleeping, but their legroom leaves much to be desired for my stupidly long legs...I blame my 6'5" tall father! ;) I'm hoping to sleep since tomorrow afternoon is my only real chance for any leisure time in London, so I want to be awake enough to enjoy it. We're leaving the next morning to drive to Cornwall for all the hiking and pubbing "unstructured time" with his friends & his sister. Even though I've been warned it's been snowing everywhere except London, I'm insisting on wearing a short skirt with tights and a sweater on the plane, since that's the only chance I have to look cute! heh! I've brought hiking boots, jeans & sweaters in various layers for all the hiking & pubbing you see, so I am being practical for the rest of the time...

Anyway, must get ready to leave for the airport! No internet for an entire week - heh!

Happy New Year everyone!

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I hope you're having a great ol' time!


Hope you are having a cute time.

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