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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 24 - Headed Home

at Blue Lagoon Cruises, Fiji Princess Vessel.
February 17 at 9:48 PM · Nadi, Fiji ·
On Monday morning others went back to the “swim with the sharks” snorkeling that was cancelled our first morning, but that was too close to have a shower and get ready for our luggage to be packed to disembark. We heard there were only a couple small sharks that sounded like what we saw in Likuliku so we don’t feel so bad. The rest of the guests went to Sunset Beach again with box lunches since the weather was too bad for Sacred Isles as planned, but we had lunch on board before our 1:30 transfer to the port, including a heartfelt traditional farewell song by our crew. Thanks to the Fiji Princess crew for a fun 3 days despite the weather!

at Hardrock Café Denarau Nadi.
February 17 at 9:50 PM · Nadi, Fiji ·
Since we had time to kill before our evening flight home, we stayed in Port Denarau and shopped a bit, then ate an early dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and acquired another shot glass for my collection. Can’t believe there is a HRC here but no Starbucks anywhere in Fiji!

traveling to San Jose, California with Glen Simon from LAX.
23 hrs · Los Angeles ·
Almost home! The LAX passport machines print a photo receipt, but they stamp that and take it at customs instead of stamping your passport! All I have in my passport from this entire trip is one stamp entering Fiji...waah!

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