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more Edinburgh...

Sorry I didn't get to update last night, but didn't get back to the hotel until after midnight & I forgot there was the internet 9p/minute by the bar until I was already in bed... ;)

Anyway, the concert went very well yesterday at St Giles, with my new DV camcorder & my stereo mic up high in a balcony where one of the stained glass windows was being restored...I'm so glad my wide angle lens came at 4:30pm before I left work last Friday because it was definitely worth it for all the architecture and stained glass inside the cathedral! :)

After the concert was over, it was a whirlwind bus ride back to the hotel, with only 15 minutes to change clothes, then a whirlwind lunch at the St James Mall food court before our guided bus tour of the city with a cute-voiced woman named Jean. The tour ended at Edinburgh Castle, which was great of course...I've yet to be disappointed by any castle of course, even though I had seen Edinburgh back in 1997. :) We had been lucky so far with weather, but it started sprinkling as we left the castle, so instead of staying on the Royal Mile because shops were closing anyway, most of us took the bus back to the hotel, then met again around 6:15 int he hotel lobby to leave for dinner...(Melanie left on a train for Glasgow to meet her friend Jo)...

So, Peggy, Sheila, Mark, Asa, Will, Ben, Steve, Michael, Keith, Jack, Johnathon, Galt, Robin, Juanita and I took 3 vans to the Claremont Pub at the east end of the city. We walked in, I looked up at the decorative shelf above the bar to see a Trek commbadge clock, a few starship models (Defiant, Enterprise, Voyager), and upstairs where we ate, there was a whole collection of Star Trek "fact guides!" hahaha...I had a steak pie with "jacket potato" (baked potato) with a pint of Blackthorn cider on tap but I only ate half of each...but I did share some chocolate mousse with Sheila...yummy!

After dinner, we sang (yes, Market Woman) even though Robin was the only soprano there, then moved along to the recommended Newtown Pub on Dublin St. They had these vodka mudshakes, in caramel, chocolate and mint...I had the mint at it was so yummy, Robin decided she had to get her own...Peggy, Sheila & Keith left us soon after...since some of us wanted to dance, CC Blooms was recommended, but when we got there, we realized that we were the whole party, so we left pretty soon...but what would you really expect on a Tuesday night anyway? ;)

Even though I knew it would be a long walk, it hadn't been raining since the afternoon, and it was a nice night, so I suggested walking through town down Princes St so we could the the castle and other nice buildings lit up at was quite a long walk, about 45 minutes, but it was almost balmy - for Scotland anyway! ;) Many photo ops were taken by Robin, Juanita and myself (both still & video for me), and the tenors took the opportunity to have a walking sectional on the Vidu section of one of our competition pieces...boy were there strange looks from passersby! hehe...

As for this morning, I slept in, making it to breakfast at 9:20 when it closes at 9:30, had haggis & oatmeal with a small piece of black pudding, too...then off to the Royal Mile with Daniel, Keith & Keith's mom Joan...since Joan had knee surgery not too long ago, we took a cab to the castle, then proceeded to make our way leisurely down the Royal Mile, but only about halfway...Dan bought a nice cashmere turtleneck ("poloneck" here) cable-knit sweater on sale, and I found some tartan remnants for 99p each...I got red & green ones for my Christmas decorating, since I already have some Oglvie tartan I still haven't figured out what to make...

Only 8 minutes left of my half-hour, so I'd better make sure this posts to LiveJournal...we're leaving in an hour for Haddington (1.5 hrs outside Edinburgh) for our next concert...if we get back early enough tonight, some of us might try a late-night haunted city tour...I took one back in 1997 that was very cool, and in the years since, there are TONS more tours now, so obviously I'm not the only one who enjoyed them... :)

Until next time!

P.S. Yes Tracia, if I had not been with a tour group where I'd often have to leave my own laptop at the mercy of hotel or bus security, I'd have been more tempted to get it fixed in time to leave... ;)

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