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My New Years Holiday

I arrived with absolutely beautiful weather in London, sunny with just enough chill for my winter coat, but not enough so that my skirt & tights were any problem - hooray! ;) We strolled around Kensington & Chelsea where he lives, caught some lunch at a French bistro, had my pint of Addlestones cider at the Windsor Castle pub as I requested, then back at his flat in the interest of keeping me awake until bedtime to overcome jet lag, after educating my ears with some great classical music, we watched South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut - pure comic genius, especially the music! It did keep me awake, but it also kept the two of us humming really inappropriate tunes throughout Cornwall... ;)

Cornwall is indeed beautiful, just as I was told, with rolling green hills inland, then craggy coastline mixed in with beaches. Plus you hike a few miles, then find a village pub and relax with a pint or two before getting back on the walking path...not a bad way to spend a holiday at all! Well, as long as they have cider for me the non-beer drinker...heh! Our cottage in Perranporth was self-catered, so we shared cooking duties after a gigantic Tesco supermarket trip the first day (where I also bought a full litre of my beloved Archers to take back with me!), so I treated them to my chicken fajitas, which were loved by all...yay! :)

We also had a blast on New Years Eve at the Bolingey Inn, the 17th century village pub of Bolingey..they even brought out some free food (Cornish hot pot = stew), so we made our own party in the side room of the pub. The eight of us got thoroughly drunk as New Years warrants, staying at the pub listening to a guitarist jam on vintage Eric Clapton songs (Cornwall is full of hippies I've been told) and me getting quizzed about my accent until they shooed us out the door around 3am, then stumbled across the road to the one cottage half of our group were staying in...where all the James Bond themes were sung to me as I had a couple glasses of port...haha! About 5am he & I stumbled along the road for the 30 minute walk back to our cottage, which was hilarious in itself! Thankfully the one day of nasty weather was New Years Day, when we didn't emerge from our room until 3pm anyway...otherwise it was beautiful weather with even some clear blue skies mixed in - better than I hear it was back home, drenching California!

Last night was my only other evening in London, where I did have a last pint of Addlestones at the Windsor Castle, but we ate at a nice Italian place down the street, which was absolutely delicious. Leaving this morning was bittersweet, but all good things must come to an end, right? I'm now barely staying awake after my horribly long flight by catching up on emails and such while doing laundry...

Hope you all had Happy New Year! My New Year was the happiest yet, that's for sure! :D

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