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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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close to my dream someday...
Someone up in the hills in Bonny Doon above Santa Cruz has already come pretty close to my dream of building a small castle in the hills, including a pipe organ! I have been wanting to either remodel an existing house into a castle design, including a pipe organ in a grand entrance hallway, or buildling a castle from scratch, for many years now. Just think of the Halloween parties I could have then! haha! My style would be a bit different than this guy, but this is very cool! We're hoping to take Nick here to play the pipe organ when he visits in February, since I have been begging to hear him play more...


Clicking into several of the pages, I would have LOVED to have this guy as my highschool physics & chemistry teacher! (No offense to the ones I had...our physics teacher did bring in his new surround-sound speakers to show us 2010 in class, since he could claim relevance of showing how Jupiter gained just enough mass to reach critical mass turned into a star, causing the ice to melt on Europa, becoming habitable...heh!)

How much do I have to save up to buy just a little plot of land up in the hills (electricity, sewer and water necessary, though) so I can build my little dream castle? Can I possibly do this while still paying rent for somewhere to live? Would I be able to have broadband internet? Satellite broadband perhaps? hmm...

Ah well...dreams are still nice to have... :)

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No Money Down

Uh, millions, probably.

Yes, I know...hence being a "dream"...I figure it's only possible either by hitting the lottery, or EQIX reaching the $100/share mark... ;)

Re: No Money Down

Two words: Rich Husband.

Re: No Money Down

See (http://home.comcast.net/~pqboom/tour/images/celebcomp.jpeg) what I mean.

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