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I have set everything I can in motion for home purchasing, but I've backed off a bit for now for various personal reasons, including that I'd really rather have the Year Six at Hogwarts party where I currently live...which means I might as well finally order new checks! I was trying to wait, since I only finally used up the 200 checks I bought in 2002 before I moved to my current place. Also, since I've had the same bank account for so long, I've used up all the cheap "first-time" specials, so I decided if I'm paying full price anyway, might as well get something really cool...

Back when I actually attended Trek conventions (not since 1994 for me), I had seen nice subtle United Federation of Planets logo checks that I really liked. I saw an ad in a Star Trek Communicator magazine from a couple years ago someone gave me, so I googled "checks united federation" and this was the first link...check it out! Not only do they still make them, but now the border is TEAL - my favorite color! It is kismet...order form is already downloaded & the check is in the mail... :D

Happy Friday!

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