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Detours off Britta Blvd


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webcams working!
If you were following along with my Halloween prep, you might remember I got VERY frustrated the night before my party when I realized the webcams were broadcasting but not FTPing their image per minute. :( I even had a friend helping me in the last hours before the party and we just could NOT get it working. I suspected some conflict with the OS X update I had installed during the week, and there have been several updates since then.

Anyway, I hooked up the webcams this morning before work (I couldn't find the power supply for the ethernet hub last night - doh!), configured them at work, since at least the broadcast was still fine, then tested the FTP...still broken until I methodically went through the same troubleshooting as I swear we did at Halloween...finally success! Hooray!

Before anyone asks, the cams aren't even positioned to show anything, so I'm not posting any links...no grand decor yet anyway since I'm getting the carpet cleaned tomorrow morning, then will decorate on Sunday. Perhaps then I might give a preview here... ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

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Turns out I will be way over in Milpitas tomorrow, hanging out with Jen and John. But i'm not heading over there until like 12:30 or so. I'd still like to help you move your furniture back, though, so if you want, give me a call tomorrow morning (after 11, please :) and I'll stop over on my way out.

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