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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Mardi Gras progress...
I had a productive and fun weekend...nice balance!

Friday night was Shrek 2 and pizza with a couple friends, plus a bit of Queer Eye for the Straight Girl...I'm not sure I'd ever have the guts to propose to a guy!

  • all carpet except both bedrooms upstairs professionally steam cleaned and dried
  • cut up xmas tree (saved trunk in manageable logs for firewood, which required handsawing)
  • 3 buckets of weeds pulled from backyard, including shoulder & back pain from the hula hoe!
  • made double-batch crab triangles & froze
  • made spinach balls & froze
  • grilled creole chicken skewers & froze

  • baked 8 dozen sugar cookies
  • mixed up royal icing
  • fixed heavy copper sun decoration on garage! (stupid gardeners the landlady hired snipped through my hangers while they pruned the creeping fig away from the garage roof...this was a challenge since I no longer have access to a ladder that reaches that high!)
  • put down black plastic in upper beds
  • put 3 bags new bark over black plastic
  • planted two pumpkins (purchased pumkpin shatterd into 6 pcs, guts of one of mine in 3 chunks)
  • spread mulch on top of weeds
  • baked one pumpkin & froze
  • iced sugar cookies base layer
  • hung large mask on wall with backdrop
  • put up tiebacks & drapes in entryway
  • put webcams in final positions (including running ethernet cable along the wall into the kitchen)
  • got out all masks

    Yes, the webcams are now positioned...in the kitchen on the table you can see the 8 dozen sugar cookies iced and drying to be decorated tonight after choir rehearsal, and the big mask I made is on the living room wall...with clean carpet everywhere...hooray! ;)

    The challenge this week is how to get all the party prep done, including my own mask still, when I have Wed & Thurs evenings occupied by our annual work dinners...hmm...wish me luck!