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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Successful Mardi Gras
Whew! Only 17 of us this year, since a lot of my "regulars" weren't able to make it, but we had fun anyway. I did get my costume on BEFORE any guests arrived (two years in a row for Mardi Gras!) and Kylie the Kitty even made several appearances throughout the party! That was such a first that her presence was copiously photographed and videotaped - haha!

I could have posted yesterday, but I was trying to get the photos organized and get as much cleaned as possible...all the dishes are done, all decorations are down but not yet put away, my living room is almost back to "normal" which it hasn't been really since before Halloween...heh!

My goal is to get the britta.com webpage up today if possible, but definitely before the end of the week...otherwise it'll get in line behind Halloween 2004 & Year Five at Hogwarts (2003!) projects that are still not up...horrible I know... *sigh*

Hope you all had a good weekend!