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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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britta.com is down hard... >:(
Waaah...last night around 11:30pm I noticed our server was refusing my attempts to download email, but the webserver was still working...I couldn't ssh in either, so I notified my friend with the more advanced networking "skilz" who started looking into it this morning when it was still flaky...console was spewing wacky stuff, so he went onsite, rebooted twice, and now it's really down, with fears it can't be resurrected. My website & email are all totally backed up, but not having britta.com available is very tragic to me...especially when I was just finally finishing the Mardi Gras 2005 webpages this morning! :(

So, we've almost got a fwd to gmail backup solution settled, but not quite functional, and I'll have to survive anyway, since my British Boy is arriving tomorrow, so we'll have a fabulous week including San Francisco, Yosemite, etc, anyway...ahhhh...*sigh* :D

I almost posted yesterday morning just because my mini daffodils are blooming! I love that...all of a sudden, the next morning you have striking yellow admist all the green in the garden...just in time for his first view of my house & garden, too...hooray!

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Sorry to hear about britta.com. :(

But, glad to hear about the Brit Boy. :-)

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