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Night 3...

We got to Haddington in record time, nicely without any drizzle, rehearsed for 2 hours (ugh!), then had dinner across the street at a hotel...then back to St Mary's church (acoustics were fabulous!) where we did our almost 2 hr concert with intermission for about 10 guests, not including our "groupies," bus driver, & tour courier. Ah, well...! We still gave it our all, and here's the best compliment from courier Nick about Graham the bus driver..."Graham usually listens to the first half of ACFEA concerts, then leaves at intermission, but this time he STAYED!" Haha! Shenandoah was Graham's favorite song ever and he loved our performance of it! :) Nick said he was very impressed at what an energetic performance we gave for such a small audience, which was good to hear, since we were trying our best. Daniel said he had to choke back tears of overwhelmed emotion three times, and several choir members also were moved to tears...awwww... :)

St Mary's is a beautiful stone church, which a very large graveyard in front...those of you who know me well enough of course would guess what I did of gravestones for Halloween research of course! There were quite some impressive & intricate stones, so I am already inspired to make more gravestones for this coming Halloween... :)

We got back too late for the last of the Edinburgh ghost tours, alas, and now it's a question of the hotel bar or venturing out elsewhere...since we must be packed & checked out by around 8:30am to leave by 9:30 for Ravenscar, it can't be too wild a night...but you never least no concerts tomorrow so our voices have a break! ;)

Until next time!

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