October 19th, 2004


webcams working!

I love how my two friends who bought the same $400 ethernet webcams a few years ago never use them between when I borrow them for parties...hehehe...makes the config basically plug & play! Very nice since it was so difficult originally to set up both of them as reachable from outside my single IP network...I had to set up port forwarding since these cameras have their own display software embedded in the firmware... The only real drawback is these darn webcams don't work on Safari for some reason, which is a real drag...as of MardiGras they worked fine on Mozilla, ancient & current Netscape on Mac, & IE for Windows (not Mac), so that's enough supported browsers for no investment on my part... :)

No, I'm not making any URL public yet...my place is an absolute disaster! Let's call it an artist's work in progress..? When I get things set up a bit more, like the wall decorations up this weekend, then I'll probably post the URL here in case anyone wants to peek at my frantic Halloween party preparations... ;)

Progress: all gravestones have been aged with the spray paint, and since I used the few minutes between sprinkles to do so, the gravestones are inside drying instead of outside...also progress on spooky portraits which finally is another theme this year after finding "Halloween Gothic" and "The Moaning Lisa" thin plastic clings for $1.50 total...the creases have been ironed and they have been cut out & taped to white felt, since they are transparent, so hanging them on my stone walls wouldn't work too well...

Good night!
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